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Peace Activist Uses A Few Takes To Get His Point Across

August 15, 1988

MALIBU, Calif. (AP) _ It took a few takes, but a peace activist got his message across after breaking a 63-day fast with a bite from a giant pizza topped with a pepperoni peace sign that he then left for Sylvester Stallone.

Jerry Rubin took his crusade against cinema violence and war toys to Stallone’s home Saturday. Although he didn’t see the star of the ″Rambo″ movies, the Southern California activist was more graciously received than in a previous visit to a Stallone residence. During that trip, he was doused with water.

On Saturday, Rubin’s wife, Marissa, two friends, reporters and some camera crews watched as he delivered the 3-foot pizza to Stallone’s home and presented the pizza to a housekeeper.

To accommodate a TV crew that arrived after the presentation, Rubin got the pizza back from Stallone’s housekeepers so he could re-enact the presentation. At one point the unwieldy pizza slipped onto the driveway.

After his first bite in 63 days, Rubin said he was looking forward ″to watching movies with popcorn again.″

Rubin said he hadn’t stepped on a scale to determine the effects of his liquid-only fast, but noted he had lost three belt notches.

Rubin said he had not considered the strategy used by critics of the new film ″The Last Temptation of Christ,″ who offered to raise money to buy the film so they could destroy it.

″The peace movement couldn’t afford that type of thing,″ Rubin said of Stallone’s $63 million blood-and-guts ″Rambo III.″

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