Orchids and Onions: Thursday, February 7, 2019

February 8, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Nick and Papa Leone’s Pizza (by London Bridge) for their terrific and delicious gluten-free cauliflower crust pizza. Best pizza and nicest people around! Thanks for a really fun evening!

Onions to the biker that parked his ride in a car spot at the social club on McCulloch on a super busy Monday night. Orchids to the person that parked his car in the designated motorcycle space, perfectly. Both had AZ plates. Raven

Orchids to Billie and Jillian in Walgreen’s photo department. Once again their assistance and attentiveness was helpful, as I was printing photos from my phone today. They are an asset to the store and perfectly exemplify why living in our town is so special.

Onions to the private club that has allowed there food quality to tank! Whatever you did, please fix it! I enjoy the food, up until about a month ago! This affects all of us! I would love the old chicken wings back for starters. Ty.

Orchids to Maria at Senora Quest Labs. She is always pleasant with a smile on her face, and makes an unpleasant situation as painless as possible. I appreciate her so much. Diana B.

Onions to the person wearing the “be excellent to one another” shirt. If you truly believed that you wouldn’t have talked about my personal life to others. Something I told you trusting you’d keep it to yourself. Karma is real.

Orchids to Don’s Auto Body for making my Mini Cooper look brand new again. Cookies on the way. Onions to the sad excuse who hit it and didn’t leave a note. $900 in damages, you can’t say you didn’t know!

Onions to the disgusting smoking pigs that put their cigarettes out in the parking lot or on the sidewalk of my and other businesses. Use your ashtray or the available receptacle in front of most businesses.

Orchids to P and L Custom Jewelry. They did a fantastic job, updating a ring that now fits over arthritic fingers. Great job doing the custom work. G and K

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