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Blaux Portable AC Reviews: Is the Blaux Portable Air Conditioner Plus Legit?

June 17, 2020 GMT

Homewood IL, United States, June 17 2020 (Wiredrelease) Marketing by Kevin, LLC. Blaux Portable AC is a personal air conditioning unit plus humidifier and purifier all in one. The innovatively-designed 3-in-1 Blaux Portable Air Conditioner is one of the most popular items of the summer as it helps consumers beat the hot and humid summer heat whenever they are.

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Lets dive into a simple review of the Blaux Portable AC and see if the mini air conditioning unit plus air purifier and humidifer is all it is blown up to be as a convenient way to stay extra cool during scorching temperatures and upcoming seasonal heatwaves. Here is an actual consumer review about Blaux Portable AC featuring the good, bad and ugly complaints and multi-versatile portable air conditioner.


Blaux Portable AC: Unit Tech Specs Overview

Blaux, who is the producer of the Blaux Portable AC air conditioning unit, is a trusted name in consumer health devices, gadgets and services. The patented Blaux Portable AC unit is one of their biggest advancements in the world of technology and in-demand items for providing refreshing comfort from the sweltering heat due to its compact, durable and lightweight portability functionality.

The Blaux Portable AC has many technical specs and features that make it stand out from the crowd of emerging compact and lightweight air coolers. It’s the perfect choice for those who want performance at a very good price. It’s also for personal use and does its job perfectly when just cleaned from time to time. Its purpose is to make the hottest summer days colder, also to not let the air become to dry or too humid. It works in extremely hot temperatures without compromising durability and functionality.

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If you are like many consumers, there is a real summertime heat struggle going on and most hate to endure it without any extra options. Now, the Blaux Portable AC+ air conditioning unit is meant to help customers avoid coming into the office with your shirt soaked in sweat, or staying outdoors where the air is too heavy to breathe in, or skyrocketing electricity bills to have the central AC unit running all day long.


And there is no secret about being overheated, heat strokes or dealing heat-related health conditions that cause fatigue and over exhaustion. As the warmest months of the year start to heat up, and many weather analysts predict scorching hot and humid days on the horizon, it is a great honor to see where innovation and technology have advanced in the past few years with the Blaux Portable AC being a perfect representation of that.

Blaux is offering its 3-in-1 Portable AC+ device that acts as an air conditioner, a purifier and a humidifier, not to mention it can also heat the home when the seasons change to winter. It’s portable and very compact, so it can be taken with users as they go about their day and the design is small enough to fit in any small space. This AC unit doesn’t need any wiring. It just uses a rechargeable battery and still provides a lot of power to keep homes or offices cold during the hottest days. The Blaux Portable AC+ can be quickly installed in only a few minutes to begin the rapid cooling and to purify the air from any microscopic particles that are harmful for the lungs and the respiratory systems in general.

Blaux Portable AC Pros

It’s so effective that it cools the air in a room in just under 30 seconds. Here are the most noted Blaux Portable AC Plus features to long for:

Comes at a very good price: $89.99 for 1 unit, $179.98 for 2, $202.48 for 3, and $247.47 for a package of 4 Blaux Portable AC devices

It gets filled up through the top and doesn’t need any wiring

Can be returned without any hassle

3in1: air conditioning, purifier and humidifier

Blaux Portable AC Cons

This wouldnt be a factual consumer review about Blaux Portable AC unit if there were no cons. However, customers interested in purchasing the standalone Blaux Portable Air Conditioner Plus device should know out of all the possible worries, complaints and scams, these are the only ones to muster up enough to cause a stink.

Can be bought only online

expect minor shipping delays due to COVID-19 and extreme demand

Limited stock

What Makes the Blaux Portable AC So Special?

As the best air conditioning available on the market, the Blaux Portable AC also has a very good price, not to mention it does the job of an air purifier and air humidifier too. During these times of pandemic, the air quality in homes is very important, indivuals need to also feel comfortable in the place they’re spending their time in, something that extreme heat doesn’t allow them to. More than this, the air humidity during summertime can be very dangerous for the respiratory system.

The Blaux Portable AC+ is, as its name says it, a portable air conditioning device that can be taken anywhere and installed in only 1 minute. Because it gets powered by a rechargeable battery, it doesn’t use any wires and occupies very little space.

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What Is the Blaux Portable AC?

One of the latest launched portable AC units on the market, also the most efficient one, the Blaux Portable AC not only does it regulate the air’s temperature, it also does the same for the humidity and filters the harmful microscopic particles in the air. What’s even great about it is that it does this without consuming too much power, which means it doesn’t charge the electricity bill by much, like other AC units do. As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t need any wiring either. This means it doesn’t have to be plugged before use, which it’s one of its another amazing benefits.

Right after being activated, the Blaux Portable AC Plus starts pulling the dust particles present in the air. It filters them so that people who are in the room where it’s placed can breathe clean air. Another thing that’s important to know about this device is that it’s covered by a 30-day return policy, so if it doesn’t perform properly during this time period, it can always be returned for replacement, without any hassle.

It includes in the package a type-C cable for charging, so it can also be plugged into a power source when its battery runs out. For the most flexible operation, this AC unit has 3 different fan speeds, not to mention it’s very easy to operate. When it comes to refilling it with water, this can be done from up above.

The Technology that the Blaux Portable AC Uses

The Blaux Portable AC is powered by USB. Its nominal power is DC5V, whereas when it comes to the noise it makes, this is under 40 dB. In order to be cleaned without any effort, this air conditioning unit features a removable network cover. Its negative working power is 1 Watt. When in first gear, it can work with a fully charged battery for 8 hours. If in the second gear, it goes on for 4.5 hours. The third gear lasts with the battery charged for 2.5 hours.

Blaux Portable AC Most Important Features

Since it’s a leader on the market of portable air conditioning units, the Blaux Portable AC obviously has many interesting and very useful features that include high-tech performance, a modern look and cost saving operation. But let’s have a look at each and every one of them.

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Compact and Elegant Design

The Blaux Portable AC comes in White and Grey. It has been built to fit in the smallest spaces, so it can’t even be noticed in a room. Besides, it can be placed without any problem next to desk or the coffee table.

Air Filtering

This air conditioning portable unit is a cooler, humidifier and air purifier. This means that it features special filters to clean the dust and any other harmful particles that can damage people’s health and are present in the air.

Highly Portable

Because it’s not large and very lightweight, the Blaux Portable AC can be taken anywhere, even at the gym and when visiting a friend at home. It can also be taken every morning to the office, only to be brought back home when the day is done.

Long Battery Life

Having a long battery life, this air conditioning unit doesn’t need to be all day plugged into a power source. It can run constantly for an entire day, so it can be put into RVs when going out camping somewhere in the wild.

Easy to Clean

Because the Blaux Portable AC attracts dirt and moisture, it often has its mesh holes clogged. This is something that happens with any air-cleaning device, but the Blaux Portable one is at least very easy to clean with just a cloth and some disinfectant.

Charging and Power Indicator

The LED ring on the Blaux Portable AC unit says how charged the device is, and sends alerts when the battery is full.

3 Fans

The built-in fan system of the Blaux Portable AC controls how the air flows through the unit and thus, reducing power consumption. During not so hot days, the fans need to be set at medium speed, whereas during extreme heat, they should be adjusted to a higher level.

No Noise

This cooler keeps the noise under 40 dB, which is not at all much, as a matter of fact unusually low for such devices. This means it allows people to do their work while it’s functioning, it also even lets them sleep without any sound distractions.

How Does the Blaux Portable AC Work?

The Blaux Portable AC needs only a rechargeable and small lithium battery in order to start. This battery is included in the package together with an USB cable for charging. The battery of this device should be recharged when empty so that it has a longer life.

The principle on which the Blaux Portable AC functions is the one of thermoelectric cooling, which makes any surroundings cooler. This air conditioning gadget uses DC electric current on a side of its plate and AC current on the other. The side that’s supposed to get heated remains at the room’s temperature, whereas the AC one gets cooler and goes way below the outside temperature.

While the air travels through the vent, this effect cools and sends it into the room. The filter inside this air conditioning portable unit are very effective at cleaning the air from harmful dust particles and thus, preventing allergic symptoms or other more dangerous respiratory diseases from happening.

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Blaux Portable AC Benefits

When it comes to the benefits of the Blaux Portable AC unit, these include:

No professional installation

Compact size and elegant design

Low power use

Some of the Blaux Portable AC models also have the heat function

Can be taken anywhere

Purifies the air

Cools any room’s temperature

All in all, this air conditioning portable device is a 3in1 gadget that can make the hottest climates seem a breeze when indoors. Besides, it deals with humidity and reduces the nasty effects of air pollution in homes, offices or any other closed spaces.

Why It Is Important to Own the Blaux Portable AC?

The Blaux Portable AC can be used by people of all ages and genders. It’s designed to improve their health, as it features a negative ion that’s very helpful at reducing the excessive amount of active oxygen. This can do wonders for people’s respiratory system. Besides, it doesn’t use any ozone or refrigerants, which both can be damaging for the health. During the hottest summer days, using the Blaux Portable AC can be the best thing, as it’s sometimes impossible to resist in extremely high temperatures, even if not directly under the sun.

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How Should the Blaux Portable AC Be Used?

As mentioned earlier, the Blaux Portable AC is very easy to use. When out of its package, it needs to be recharged so that it can be taken anywhere. A complete charge lasts for a few hours. After the charge, this air conditioning unit needs a few ice cubes in order to start. As soon as the ice cubes are in place, they can last for many hours of use. When melting, they make the air in the room cooler. The battery of this device should not be kept at low power. If this happens, the USB cable that comes with it can be used for plugging it to a power source.

3 Simple Steps to Use the Blaux Portable AC

There is really no tutorial or guide needed to use Blaux Portable AC+ unit optimally. It is simple, straightforward and works like a charm right out of the box:

Water should be added in the slot at the unit’s top. The replaceable curtain for water needs to be put in. It should be noted that this curtain is washable and can last from 6 to 8 months of use without being cleaned

The device can be turned on. After only a few seconds, it will start cooling and purifying the air like no other air conditioning unit on the market, not to mention 1 of its water refills can last for hours of use

The Blaux Portable AC has many times been praised for operating perfectly when it comes to cooling down the temperature and regulating humidity. Another feature that makes it great is its low-noise operation.

Where Can the Blaux Portable AC Be Bought From?

The Blaux Portable AC is at the moment available only online. Payment can be made via MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and many other more payment processors. If ordered today, the unit comes for 50% OFF, an offer that may not last for too long. There are many countries in which this gadget is available, the US, Canada, the UK, Germany and Australia included.

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Who Makes the Blaux Portable AC?

The Blaux Portable AC is made by Blaux, a brand that belongs to the Hong Kong-based Strong Current Enterprises company. Strong Current Enterprises is a shopping outlet that carries its activity online. The support team for the Blaux Portable AC can be reached at:


Phone Numbers: US: 609-414-7087

Canada: 778-300-0854

Ireland and the UK: 08708 200084

New Zealand and Australia: (02) 8607 8316

Mailing Address: 68308 G/F Kowloon East Building 12 Lei Yue Mun Road Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

Final Words About Blaux Portable AC+

Summer is here, so the engineers working for Blaux have decided to help people face it without any problem not only as far as cooling goes, but also when it comes to keeping their electricity bill low. This air conditioning portable unit has made the entire world fall in love with it, but mostly the people in the US, Canada and Australia.

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As for customer complaints about the Blaux Portable AC, to date, as any consumer can see or search for they are extremely limited and the downsides to having a portable, lightweight and compact air conditioning unit plus humidifier and purifier are nearly a mute point. With the 120 degree positional air blade flow with an enclosed fan that keeps dirt and hair away, along with the 5-degree flex fit for any man or women neck size is an amazing set of features to have this summer. Given the low, medium and high fan speeds, to the LED power ring charging mode indicator and big 3.7V Lithium battery that uses a common USB Type-C charging port (and charges in less than 4 hours), this cool looking, high-tech modern and slim Blaux Portable AC is the number one asset you need by your side to beat the summer heat once and for all!

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