Cate Blanchett’s household chaos

October 14, 2017 GMT

Cate Blanchett’s her home life is chaotic.

The 48-year-old actress - who has three sons, Dashiell, 15, Roman, 13, and Ignatius, nine, and daughter Edith, two, with playwright husband Andrew Upton - is thankful she’s developed more patience over the years, but being a working parent is always a tough job.

She told Closer magazine: “The wheels are always falling off.

“Motherhood has given me a greater degree of patience. I’m a more compassionate person so it’s been a good gift.

“But my life is no different to any other working mother’s. You don’t get a lot of sleep. You try to juggle things, it doesn’t always work, but I have a supportive partner.”

The ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ actress admits she and her husband have frequent rows when they work together, but she insists it has never been a real problem.

She laughed: “People look at us in horror at working together, but we argue in a very constructive way.

“We’ve been married for 20 years, so something is working.”

Cate and Andrew got engaged after just three weeks of dating and she previously joked she thought his proposal came as a result of him “hallucinating” after she cooked him a terrible meal.

She said: ’I cooked him the worst meal. I somehow decided that to stuff a trout with walnuts and goat’s cheese would be a good idea.

“He ate it and then he asked me to marry him so clearly he was I don’t know hallucinating. He realised I couldn’t cook.

“You give them food poisoning, they’re delirious and then you’ve got them.”