X Games: Rochester native Majerus wins silver at X Games in Minneapolis

July 17, 2017 GMT

MINNEAPOLIS — When Alec Majerus looks at his 2017 X Games medal years from now, it will remind him of his performance in the men’s street skateboarding finals.

It’s shaped like a Viking ship, the part of the course where Majerus completed a signature backside flip to end his first run.

The medal is also silver thanks to his overall performance on that same run.

Majerus, a Rochester native, scored 88.66 on his first run, good for second place in the men’s street skateboarding finals on Saturday at the X Games in Minneapolis. It’s Majerus’ second podium finish in five X Games appearances. He won the bronze in 2014.

Skaters seldom used the Viking ship. Majerus was the first, and only three others attempted to utilize the ship in 30 total tries in the finals.

“I’m like, I’m in the finals, I landed my run so far, so I might as well go for something big at the end,” Majerus said.

To Majerus, that meant flying off the ship, fully spinning his skateboard and turning his body 180 degrees all before touching the pavement again.

When he landed, he was facing the crowd filled with supporters. Most stood, some jumped and many put their hands toward Majerus almost as if they were trying to touch greatness.

“They were hyped,” Majerus said. “That made me way more hyped. There is no better feeling.”

Although that first run energized him, Majerus never matched that success. He finished with scores of 79.33 and 78.66 in his second and third runs.

Majerus didn’t feel the need to try to top his first run. He knew that effort would put him on the podium for the first time in three years.

“I didn’t care anymore,” Majerus said. “I (was) just happy as can be.”

The fans still cared, though. Before his third run, almost everyone watching in the stands stood and cheered. No other skater warranted anything close to that.

“It was a lot of pressure thinking of it at first, then I’m like, this is amazing,” Majerus said. “It couldn’t get any better.”

When he wasn’t competing, Majerus sat in the aisle between friends and family. Many of those fans were people he skated with in Rochester’s streets. He never stopped smiling throughout the finals.

“I can’t keep it off my face,” Majerus said.

While Kelvin Hoefler, who won gold, celebrated with two others, Majerus continued to smile as he hugged and fist-bumped fan after fan and relative after relative.

Majerus would have liked to win gold in front of his family and friends, but he has another shot at that when the X Games return to Minneapolis next year.

That silver Viking ship around his neck might as well been gold, as far as he was concerned.

“I am as happy as can be,” he said.