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June 3, 1997

NEW YORK (AP) _ First Kmart and now Wal-Mart. Neither will carry a supermarket tabloid as it follows the story of Frank Gifford appearing to be groping a woman in a New York hotel room.

Kmart Corp. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the nation’s largest retailer, said Monday that the Globe will not appear on their store shelves this week. The issue includes a transcript of what purportedly was said in the hotel room.

Last month, the Globe printed photos it claimed show Gifford groping a 46-year-old married woman this spring. Kmart pulled that issue from its stores.

Gifford and his wife, talk show host Kathie Lee Gifford, have not denied the authenticity of the fuzzy photos, taken from a videotape, but have asked for privacy.

Wal-Mart spokesman Dale Ingram said the decision was consistent with providing customers products ``they would expect to find″ at the store. He said the decision will not affect Wal-Mart’s relationship with Mrs. Gifford, whose name appears on apparel at Wal-Mart.

A Boca Raton, Fla., phone listing for the Globe was disconnected.


LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Bob Dylan should be freewheelin’ again soon.

The 56-year-old musician was released from an undisclosed hospital over the weekend and should make a full recovery from an infection that caused swelling in the sac around his heart, spokesman Elliott Mintz said Monday.

Dylan was tested and treated for pericarditis, an inflammation of the pericardium, Mintz said.

It was caused by histoplasmosis, a potentially fatal fungal infection that can cause pneumonia-like symptoms and spread to other organs. It is commonly transmitted by the inhalation of spores.

Dylan entered a hospital May 25 after experiencing chest pains. Mintz refused to say where Dylan was recuperating.

Dylan, whose songs include ``Lay Lady Lay,″ ``Blowin’ in the Wind″ and ``Like a Rolling Stone,″ was expected to recover in four to six weeks.


HONOLULU (AP) _ Police are checking into reports that Bobby Brown slapped Whitney Houston in the parking lot of a shopping mall.

Witnesses told police they saw the singer get out of a limousine with a beer in one hand and then slap Houston in the face as she got out of the vehicle Sunday morning. Houston, who performed last week at Aloha Stadium, was heard screaming for help as the couple argued in the limo for about 10 minutes before driving away from Kahala Mall.

``It looked like somebody _ probably her _ was trying to get out of the limousine and she was either pulled back or yanked back,″ said witness Myrna Murdoch. ``There was a lot more noise and perhaps 10 minutes later they left.″

The couple told mall security that the situation was under control, mall manager Ron Yoda said.

The entertainers left Hawaii on Monday without commenting.


ATLANTA (AP) _ Bill Gates was back at school to give away a little money and get a little feedback about the computer business.

The Microsoft chief and Harvard University dropout quizzed 12 students at Clark Atlanta University’s computer lab about the usefulness of computers and the Internet. Kevin Jenkins looked awed as Gates leaned over his shoulder and showed the Morehouse College junior a shortcut on the computer.

``How often do you use the Internet for homework?″ Gates asked.

``Pretty regularly. You know, I look up certain things _ research papers and books,″ said Jenkins, 21.

Gates told a large audience that the biggest limit on the growth of the industry is a lack of computer science graduates.

Gates, who was in Atlanta for the COMDEX and Windows World ’97 computer show, also donated $1.2 million worth of software and hardware to Atlanta’s six black colleges: Clark Atlanta; Morehouse, Paine, Spelman and Morris Brown colleges; and the Interdenominational Theological Center.

Gates, who topped the Forbes magazine list of richest Americans last year with a net worth of $18.5 billion, donated $16 million to United Negro College Fund schools last year.


NEW YORK (AP) _ He got fed up with ``ER,″ and now Ron Eldard may have had enough of ``Men Behaving Badly.″

Producers are openly auditioning actors for his part and an anonymous source said in Monday’s TV Guide that Eldard ``wouldn’t be unhappy″ if he got the ax.

``Frankly, he’d love to go. He wants to move on,″ TV Guide quoted the source as saying.

Eldard can’t leave, however, until NBC finds someone else to play a ``politically incorrect″ young bachelor with co-star Rob Schneider.

Carsey-Werner, the show’s production company, confirmed only that changes were being considered but said none have been made.

Eldard quit his role on ``ER″ last year partly because it required long hours of work alongside longtime girlfriend and actress Julianna Margulies. He said the constant time together put a strain on the relationship.

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