Lake Havasu City Council accepts UniSource solar shade donation for park

January 23, 2019 GMT

One of Havasu’s newer city parks is going to get a little cooler this year, thanks to the donation of a solar shade structure.

The Lake Havasu City Council on Tuesday unanimously agreed to accept a donation of a solar shade structure at Mesquite Park, offered by UniSource Energy Services. According to Lake Havasu City Parks and Recreation Manager Michael Keane, the donation is similar to a solar shade structure donated to the city of Kingman last year.

The structure will be erected at 2140 Mesquite Ave., where it will provide a community gathering spot at the venue’s playground and splash pad, allowing Havasu’s visitors and residents to take cover from the heat, according to the proposal. According to the proposal, 18 solar panels will be mounted to the roof of the structure, offsetting some of the facility’s energy costs by as much as $1,000 per year and reducing the facility’s annual energy costs by about 80 percent.

Under the proposal, UniSource will assume all costs to install the solar system and shade structure. The city’s Public Works department will install picnic tables beneath the new solar shade to allow for seating and a gathering space. Maintenance costs will be low, according to UniSource officials who spoke at the meeting. The equipment included in the solar shade’s construction will be warranted for 25 years, easing replacement costs if they should arise.

According to Keane, another candidate for the installation of the donated structure was SARA Park. Parks and recreation staff considered a recommendation to install the structure near SARA Park’s trailhead, but chose Mesquite Park instead due to the latter’s lack of any current shade structure.