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‘Beetlejuice’ turns 30: Celebrate with Mahall’s 20 Lanes Beetlebrunch event

March 30, 2018 GMT

‘Beetlejuice’ turns 30: Celebrate with Mahall’s 20 Lanes Beetlebrunch event

LAKEWOOD, Ohio – Thirty years ago today, “Beetlejuice” was released in theaters around the world. The Tim Burton film blurred the lines between comedy and horror, with the whacky, striped villain becoming a sensational figure in pop culture.

To celebrate the movie’s anniversary, you can enjoy an ’80s-themed ghoulish brunch at Mahall’s 20 Lanes at noon on Saturday, March 31.

The bowling alley (which is also a restaurant, bar, concert venue and party space) will host the Beetlebrunch in its main event room, with spooky food and cocktails. It’s part of a new brunch event series.

Mahall’s has toyed with brunches in the past, but now it’s revamping the daytime events with movie themes. Beetlebrunch will kick off the series; in the future, Mahall’s plans to host a “Twin Peaks” themed brunch, too, according to Haley Morris, an assistant event coordinator at Mahalll’s.

“Beetlejuice” turned out to be the perfect theme for the first event. “Based on our New Year’s Eve party, we’ve envisioned the room to be this sort of ’80s aesthetic,” said Morris.

The concert room has splashy neon colors on the walls, a vibrant zig-zag floor pattern and alien-like squiggles on the walls. During Beetlebrunch, the “Beetlejuice” soundtrack will be spinning, including Harry Belafonte’s “The Banana Song” and “Jump In The Line (Shake, Señora).”

The key to Beetlebrunch is the food—and, according to Morris, plenty of creepy food items will be on the menu. This includes the “beetles rancheros,” “deadman’s toast,” “breakfast burger for the recently deceased.” Also: purple popcorn.

Cocktails include plenty of “Beetlejuice” references, too. There’s the “Barbara’s Bloody Mary,” “Tally Me Banana,” and the “Miss Argentina.”

Mahall’s Beetlebrunch event is paired with a “Beetlejuice” dance party taking place on March 30 at The Chamber, 11814 Detroit Ave., Lakewood. The dance party takes place from 10 p.m. until 2:30 a.m.

“We were already thinking it’d be fun to do a ‘Beetlejuice’-themed brunch and it’d be really perfect to do it the morning after the dance party,” said Morris.

Morris encourages attendees to dress up in their finest “Beetlejuice” costumes.

“It’s a very DIY interpretation of all this stuff,” she said. “The Tim Burton aesthetic is so fun to play with, hopefully people will get into it.”

Find more information about the event here.