Most authentic Mexican food found in Humble and Atascocita

October 10, 2017

Humble’s the place to be for authentic Mexican food, according to Datafiniti, which ranked cities across the country.

Nationwide, Humble came in No. 1 with the most authentic Mexican restaurants per capita. According to Datafiniti, Humble has about seven restaurants per 10,000 restaurants. And four restaurants in the Humble and Atascocita areas were noted as those with the most authentic Mexican flavors - Tita’s Taco House, Angie’s Mexican & Seafood, Julia’s Mexican Grill and Fiesta Azteca.

Shion Deysarkar, CEO and founder of Datafiniti, said his company provides premium data sets to companies to help narrow down locations with the most authentic Mexican flavors.

“All of the data is sourced from online directories and review websites,” Deysarkar said. “It’s everything that’s posted on the web, but just structured so you can easily analyze it.”

Deysarkar said they filter data from their business data set to only show restaurants categorized as Mexican restaurants.

Next, they analyze which businesses had the most number of locations and filter out businesses with several locations and assumed that if a restaurant has several locations, it was likely to be a chain restaurant most likely not authentic.

Tita’s Taco House in Humble received a little over four stars on Yelp with customers raving about long lines being worth the wait for a “taco lover’s” dream.

Angie’s Mexican & Seafood has been in the Atascocita area for nearly a year and serves up a number of favorites.

Carla Green, owner, said the title of her restaurant may confuse customers at first with the “Mexican & Seafood” title but all that means is that they serve both cuisines.

Green named her restaurant after her mother and uses only family recipes that keep her customers coming back for more. From homemade tartar sauce to gravy made from scratch for their homemade chicken fried steak, Green said customers can find a number of comfort food options on her menu.

“If someone doesn’t like seafood, they can eat Mexican. If you don’t like that you can get a burger. We have it all,” Green said.