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Sometimes we need a Democrat!

May 15, 2019 GMT


Since my wife and I have spent a lot of wonderful time in this remarkable country and state, we both feel compelled to remind each other of the blessings of life in America and life, period. We are both in our 90s and have excellent memories as we experience the good times and bad times.

Of course, the conversations of politics are disturbing because of the constant negativism that many of our leaders employ. It seems that our president has no self-respect nor respect for any dissenters.

I was overseas when Roosevelt died after 3 1/4 terms, and though I regretted his death I appreciated that he and Churchill had contributed so much to the war effort that we were now able to use their efforts to gain peace in the world. We worried whether Democrat Truman, now president, could handle the the duties that would help bring peace and at least some move toward prosperity, given the fact we had had a super-costly depression and now a war from which to recover.


President Truman now must run for the next term — a daunting task for a man with questionable experience as a business person and politician.

Late election night we heard that he had won, defeating Republican Dewey, who had been expected to win. Newspapers from New York and elsewhere were already on the streets before midnight proclaiming victory for New York Republican Dewey!

Now to my main point: This ex-haberdasher went to work like no one had imagined to naming things we must do. There were still millions displaced, veterans to get back to work at home, starving farmers needing help in planting, saw-millers who needed capable employees and displaced and hungry families who needed to get home.

Mr. Truman pitched his most important challenge: 500,000,000 people, half a billion, in Europe were facing starvation.

This feisty person lined up the maligned ex-president Hoover to help and after a big struggle the two made history for all to see. (They couldn’t get along at first, but later became and remained good friends.)

Truman also set out to resist some of the demands of the Russians in the divided Berlin area and further larger claims. Russians blockaded our agreed territory thinking also to bring us to our knees. We instituted the Berlin Air Lift and for 18 months delivered life-saving supplies to the miserable Berliners: heating, food, all manner of stay-alive necessities, including candy for kids at Templehof Airdrome where there was a certain safe runway close to where the kids could collect the goodies.

Now as in other good or bad times is for all of us, Republican or Democrat, to live up to the giving spirit found in the hearts of people everywhere.

Harold Storey