Passion for teaching becomes lifelong career for Morrill woman

November 17, 2018 GMT

MORRILL — From a young age, Robin Hoff enjoyed playing teacher with her friends and brothers. That passion for lifelong learning inspired her to become a teacher, which has led to a 26-year career with Morrill Public Schools.

When Hoff was going through college, her first thought was to be a high school English teacher. Then, she decided she wanted to teach elementary because she enjoys seeing the growth of her students in all subjects throughout the academic year.

As part of her degree program, Hoff student taught elementary students in Torrington, Wyoming. Following graduation, she returned to Torrington and taught Title I for a year and a half. While teaching Title I, she taught elementary students and had a couple students she would engage with individually.

Then a job came open with Morrill Public Schools for a sixth-grade teacher. Hoff applied and was selected for the position. As she walked into the classroom filled with 26 students, she established the importance of respect and a love for learning.

She is in her 26th year teaching sixth-graders in the same classroom at Morrill Elementary.

“I love it. I can’t imagine teaching a different grade.”

As students walk through Hoff’s classroom door, they are transported to a whimsical land filled with Dr. Seuss decorations as well as llamas. Hoff said she enjoys building relationships with her students and finding unique ways to make learning fun.

“I’ve always been an out-of-the-box teacher,” Hoff said. “Let’s find ways to make it more engaging for the students.”

Sixth-grader Cecilia Barron Berrelleza said, “Mrs. Hoff is kind and fun to have because of the learning activities.”

“When we were talking about author’s purpose, we did a pie activity,” Berrelleza said. “So we had these flashcards with persuade, inform, entertain, explain or describe and had to decide which tin to put them in.”

During her time in education, Hoff said technology has transformed teaching and learning in the classroom. When she started working, she did not own a cell phone and the printer paper had perforated edges and went through the machine in a zig-zag fashion as each sheet was connected in one continuous ream. Now, her classroom is 1-to-1 with Chromebooks, which allows students to go back through the lesson material at their own pace.

“She’s awesome because she helps me learn,” said sixth-grader Kaden Hessler. “She’s the best teacher I’ve had.”

Hoff has even taught the parents of some of her current students. Still, her goal remains the same: “I truly hope they have a love for lifelong learning,” she said. “I hope that they don’t give up on themselves, because there are a lot of things that aren’t going to come easy to them, but they need to persevere.”