Galvin Orders Recount in 3rd Congressional District Democratic Primary

September 10, 2018 GMT

The recount is on.

Secretary of State William Galvin Monday afternoon ordered a district-wide recount in the 3rd Congressional District Democratic primary.

Democratic candidate Dan Koh, who came in second in the race, filed a sufficient number of signatures to trigger the recount, Galvin’s office said in a statement.

State certified figures show Koh received 18,405 votes to Lori Trahan’s 18,527 votes in the Sept. 4 primary. The difference is less than one-half of 1 percent, allowing Galvin to order a recount throughout the entire district.

Galvin will exercise direct control over recount proceedings in Lowell and Lawrence, as announced by his office Monday. In Lowell, he cited concerns with administrative errors in the processing of ballots and tallying of state primary results, and inadequate election staffing in Lawrence.

In the district’s other communities, the boards of registrars in each city and town must now set a date to recount all Democratic ballots cast in the primary. Each must be completed by Sept. 17 and written notice of the date, time and location must be provided to candidates at least three days in advance.

Local election officials will hire tellers to count each ballot by hand and tally only the votes for the Congressional race. The process is open to public observation and each candidate on the ballot is entitled to have representatives present.

Each community’s board of registrars act as the judges of the recount. They make the final determination on any challenges to the determinations made by the tellers.

Galvin ordered all ballots and election paperwork impounded the day following the primary in anticipation of a possible recount. The documents must remain under seal and locked in each community’s vault until the recount begins.

Galvin will be available to the media Monday at 2:30 p.m. at the Statehouse to discuss the recount.

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