Kelsea Ballerini Beauty Tips

July 6, 2018 GMT

Kelsea Ballerini recently shared a video of her post-show beauty routine and bare face — and she’s not apologizing for any perceived imperfections.

She posted a time-lapse Page | 40 video of her “back-to-reality” routine, shedding the glitter and fake lashes that gild her for each performance. Ballerini wrote that she wanted to give her fans a genuine look at her life, saying that she doesn’t want to depend on social media as a gauge for her self worth. She also wrote that, while she still loves glitter and all things girly, she wants to be open and real with her fans and followers. The singer-songwriter referenced her 2017 album “Unapologetic,” saying that she was “unapologetically” sharing the acne on her forehead without an Instagram filter.

Ballerini pointed out that social platforms can act as “highlight reels,” like the photos from her recent marriage to Morgan Evans, and she wants her fans to see the fabulous, the flawed and everything else in between.