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Your Turn: Dec. 20

December 20, 2018

Recall judgeRecall Texas Judge Reed O’Connor for his ruling overturning the Affordable Care Act, leaving 17 million Americans without health care.“Great News,” says Donald Trump, that 17 million Americans could lose their health care coverage as he continues to play to the Obama haters in the Republican Party base.Can’t you just hear Trump laughing it up with his rich buddies as he says of those 17 million people: “Le ’em eat cake.”Ron Lowe, HarlingenTrump practicalRe: “Not brave at all,” Your Turn, Sunday:In the 15 years I have been a loyal reader of the Express-News Editorial Page, I have read some real “beauts” chosen for publication. They range from just poorly written, making no valid point, to being patently wrong on every level. This offering by G.L. Lamborn falls into the latter category.On what planet is a subject of Saudi Arabia a “U.S. person”? What in the world is a U.S. person? Yes, Jamal Khashoggi wrote for a time in the U.S. for one of our more famous left-wing publications, the Washington Post, but that in no way confers U.S. citizenship.Khashoggi was a citizen of an absolute monarchy under a king, governed under Sharia law, where thieves are likely to have their hands cut off publicly for having stolen something. I fail to see why Khashoggi, knowing the score, chose to get crosswise with the Saudi crown prince. He really should have known better, yet he blithely enters a Saudi consulate in another Muslim country to secure some paperwork. It would have been a lot smarter to have visited a Saudi consulate here in the U.S.Lamborn is critical of President Donald Trump’s handling of the situation. I guess he thinks we should have invaded one of our staunchest allies to bring its crown prince “to justice.” I think the president did exactly the right thing to stay out of it. This entire affair was totally out of any U.S. jurisdiction, so we had no basis for butting in. I would not, as letter writer Greg Nussel did (Dec. 1), call Trump brave for taking the position he did. I would call the president practical.Furthermore, the only reason this incident got so much press coverage here in the U.S. is because Khashoggi had worked for one of our premier left-wing, fake news publications determined to bring down Trump.Robert E. BlakeWho’s in charge?Recently a delegation of current and former SAHA tenants visited with the field director of the Department of Housing and Urban Development seeking remedy in our right to organize tenants as per HUD regulations.To our surprise we were told that this is not a responsibility of HUD. Rather it is a responsibility of the mayor and City Council. We are both disappointed and confused. When did enforcement of federal regulations become the duty of the city government?Pancho Valdez, member, Resident Council at Marie McGuire

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