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Week 4: Annette Lytle

February 9, 2019 GMT

Pounds lost this week: 0

Total pounds lost: 6

Week 4 has come and gone quickly! The scale did not move, however this week the non-scale victories are still continuing to increase and to me those are the ones that are the real reason for doing this challenge.

I am thinking that I will have to invest in a new belt before too long, I refuse to buy new clothes until everything is over because I know there will be a lot of changing coming up over the next couple of months.

I have more energy to get things done and generally in a better mood. I can tell that things are starting to change even with digestion, I used to have problems with eating things in the morning and the more active and better choices at supper time, I have actually found myself to get hungry in the mornings.

It is still usually later than most people eat breakfast, but it is at least better than not eating at all.

Which leads to the nutrition is the part that is changing the most and constantly on my mind. The fitness app that is helping to track the nutrition has still had some surprises for me on things that I thought were fine and then when I look at the macro nutrients they have been removed from the menu for awhile.

I have really been watching sodium and getting better there, leaving the salt on the counter and not cooking with it has been different, but have found some other spices that are just as tasty without the sodium.

Learning to cook small portions as well has been a big deal. I haven’t been much into doing a lot of cooking because I don’t want it to go to waste and I tend to make things that would feed a large family. Scaling back on how much is there has helped with not over eating just so it doesn’t go to waste. Small things like that to help stop the random snacking and keeping portions to the right size has helped.

The workouts are still the best part of it for me. I have tried to convince Bryan that just working out more will take care of all the nutrition mistakes, but I learned this week that is not the best answer.

I had some extra time this week that I normally don’t have and did a double workout on my own and I felt it all week long. Muscles were tired quicker, they ached longer and Bryan reminded me that we schedule out workout plans for a reason and learning how to balance what I am doing so that I have recovery time.

I tend to be more of a max out situation that I just like to push and do everything in one workout. There has never been an arm day and a leg day, everything was always done in one workout, so lesson learned this week to balance that out so that I am not hard on my muscles every single day and give them some recovery time.

Since I had done that we did get to do some more new exercises, some that I have never done before and so definitely learning new ways to work the muscles and keep things different and not same routine over and over again.