Letters To The Editor 1/5/2018

January 5, 2019 GMT

Abortion national scourge

Editor: Americans take our rights seriously, including rights to free speech, freedom of religion and peaceable assembly.

But there is much wrong with the right to abortion. As the Jan. 22 anniversary of the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade nears, it is time to reflect on the tragic aftermath of that fateful decision. Each abortion ends an innocent, irreplaceable human life. It kills a defenseless human being. There is nothing right with that.

In addition, the image of women freely and independently exercising abortion rights is deeply flawed. Research shows that some women are pressured into abortion by others. In other words, they make a choice they don’t want. A study indicated that the vast majority of women who experience difficulties after abortion would have chosen life if just one person had supported giving birth to the child.


Consider heartbreaking testimony from the women of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign (www.SilentNoMoreAwareness.org). These are courageous women who have publicly proclaimed that they regret their abortions, in the hope that other women will avoid it.

The right to abortion completely ignores the rights of fathers. Under Roe v. Wade, a father’s right to defend the life of his child is stolen. How many men suffer in silence, grieving the loss of a child they wanted?

Our society has suffered greatly from the loss of the more than 60 million preborn children who have died under Roe. A right to abortion appears nowhere in the U.S. Constitution. It was invented by men on the U.S. Supreme Court who did not have access to the today’s 4D ultrasound technology that clearly shows the development of preborn children. For the sake of our nation, the right to an abortion cannot stand. It will fall under the weight of its own hypocrisy





Predicts 2020 GOP landslide

Editor: Alzheimer’s disease is a mental condition.

Why do Democrats have Alzheimer’s? They voted for funding for a border wall but forgot they voted for it until Trump wanted it.

I think a new year’s resolution should be term limits for members of Congress and no compensation for members during government shutdowns. They should be treated like any common worker. If you can’t do the job, no pay.

Could we ever get this into law — I doubt it. It is a new year, Democrats should consider border security as a given for U.S. citizens and agree to build the wall. With laughable Democrats like incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer at the helm, what we can expect in 2019 is probably more resistance. It looks to me like a Republican landslide in 2020.





Lawyer wrongly reprimanded

Editor: I stand with attorney William E. Vinsko Jr., who was reprimanded for making derogatory statements about a federal judge and must appear at a disciplinary hearing before the state Supreme Court.

It’s time that judges are pulled off their lofty pedestals and are held accountable for their rulings. This is not the first questionable ruling made by U.S. District Judge Robert Mariani, whom Vinsko criticized. Mariani should be examined for his capacity and ability to perform his job properly.

Rather than being reprimanded, Vinsko should be commended.





Resolute position

Editor: My new year’s resolution this year was not to make any resolutions at all.




Halt drug flow, build wall

Editor: The Times-Tribune’s Dec. 30 editorial (“OK different sort of wall”) was misleading and incorrect.

The editorial says a border wall is useless. How would the editors prevent heroin and cocaine from entering our nation? Do the editors want thousands of more Americans to die of heroin overdoses?

It wouldn’t be President Donald Trump’s wall, it would be the wall of American citizens, who want it built even if they have to pay for it rather than pay for the funerals of their loved ones who could die of heroin overdoses if the wall isn’t built.

Democrats joined Republicans in funding airport screenings to save American lives from potential terrorists after the 911 attacks. Why then, wouldn’t they agree to fund a border wall to save American lives that otherwise could be lost to heroin, which comes from Mexico?

All Americans should be treated equally. Saving the lives of some and not others is unjust.




Publish local letters

Editor: I have noticed on occasions that the editors fill the section designated “Your Opinion” with anti-Trump messages sent by people from outside our area.

On Dec. 10, the letters column included input from people from Washington, D.C., Lehigh County and Nevada City, California. Each opposed President Donald Trump or his agenda.

I believe the editors should restrict the letters column to opinions from people from the area. After all, there must be a large number of people locally who agree with Vince Morabito, a regular letter writer and self-styled humorist.



Editor’s note: Letters published by The Times-Tribune reflect the submissions sent to the newspaper. The Lehigh Valley writer mentioned above is a native of Carbondale and the letter from Washington was written by a representative of Consumers for Quality Care, a national patient advocacy organization.