Bryce Dallas Howard’s crush on Matthew McConaughey

May 3, 2017 GMT

Bryce Dallas Howard had a crush on Matthew McConaughey when she was a teenager.

The 36-year-old actress stars as Kaylene alongside the Hollywood hunk in the 2016 drama thriller movie ‘Gold’, but has admitted to having the hots for the star when she first met him almost 20 years ago when she was a “young woman coming of age”.

Bryce recalled meeting Matthew, 47, when she was 17 years old as he was working on ‘Edtv’ which was directed by her father Ron Howard, and said she was a little disappointed when came face to face with the star for ‘Gold’ as the weight he’d put on for the role of Kenny Wells had made him less hunky than she remembered.

Speaking during the bonus feature of ‘Gold’s DVD release, Bryce said: “I met Matthew for the first time when I was 17 years old. My dad was shooting a film called ‘Edtv’ and for me as a young woman coming of age, I had a healthy, um ... I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, that man!’ So, when I got to set, I was expecting the Adonis that Matthew McConaughey is and instead I was greeted by Kenny Wells.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Pete’s Dragon’ actress - who has five-year-old daughter Beatrice and nine-year-old son Theodore with her husband Seth Gabel - admitted that she had her first ever taste of alcohol whilst working on the set of ‘Gold’.

Speaking about her the accidental moment, the flame-haired beauty said: “Matthew’s going around, pops the champagne. It’s a party! He motorboats me - is that what it’s called? We’re all dancing. He comes up to me like, ‘Oh Kay baby!’ pours champagne and puts it up to my lips. And I feel a camera next to me and I smell, and I’m like, ‘Holy f**k, is this alcohol?’ I’ve gone 35 years without a sip, so I’m like ‘Mmm.’”

But the Californian star has admitted she was left paranoid afterwards and was adamant she wasn’t going to lick her lips to avoid getting drunk from the remaining droplets.

She explained: “Afterwards I’m like, ’don’t lick your lips, don’t lick your lips.”