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June 5, 2020 GMT

New York, NY (Wired Release) Procom Communications INC: Do you think that keto is the best and the only go-to diet for weight loss? You may be wrong. There are many diets for weight loss out there and some of them are even better than keto.

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They deliver the fat-loss with less pain and are more balanced, nutritious, and tasty too. We are talking about the keto-friendly South Beach Diet here. This Diet plan combines the benefits of keto, which continues to be a growing trend in the health and wellness space, only making it more life-friendly to help you lose weight and keep it off.

The South Beach Diet works on the same principles of the New Keto-friendly South Beach Diet, a book by Dr. Arthur Agatston. In this book, he integrates the powerful principles of the South Beach Diet with the weight-loss benefits of keto. And the very same fundamentals have been harnessed to create this novel keto-friendly South Beach Diet. And in other words, the South Beach Diet is a spanking new and life-friendly take on the classic keto diet, which is a strict, no-cheat diet that excises carbs from your meals and takes you into a state of metabolic ketosis, wherein your body starts using fat as fuel and you lose weight.

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By using this easy-to-do South Beach Diet, you will be able to enjoy more carbs than you would on pure keto. Youll also be able to savor a greater variety of foods like milk, whole grains and fruits, which are strictly off-limits in keto and have more proteins too.

We invite you to read on and rediscover a new you in a calmer, easier manner.

About The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is a life-friendly take on the keto diet and lifestyle. Its one of the easiest, pain-free, and efficient ways to lose weight without the usual diet blunders. This diet includes keto-friendly South Beach Diet meal plans, which are specially designed and customized, keeping your goals, body, lifestyle and taste in mind.

How Does The South Beach Diet Work?

What sets this South Beach diet apart from the numerous nutrition plans out there is that it combines the goodness of the South Beach Diet and the fat-excising fundamentals of keto, to provide you with a diet plan that works without pain, guesswork, or too much of sweating it out in the kitchen.

This diet has several customized diet plans that are designed keeping you, your needs and weight-loss goals in mind. All you have to choose the one suited to your goals and you are ready to go. The manufacturers will then swing into action and deliver the exact meal plans to your doorstep to make weight-loss simpler and less of a hassle.

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The South Beach Diet: Components

-Reboot Kit for the first week-This is intended to reset your body with specially hand-picked fat-shredding snacks, meals, and shakes.

-Customized meals for second to fourth weeks-You get fully prepared meals, shakes, and snacks for the next three weeks, depending on the meal plan you opt for. All these are delivered right to your doorstep.

-DIY Meals and Fresh Grocery This flexible eating plan alsoincludes fresh grocery items and DIY meals for fun. You can cook at home too, using the easy guides in case you are getting bored.

-On-Call Dietician Support You get support from on-call dieticians and counselors to take the guesswork out of weight-loss.

-The South Beach Diet Tracker App- This helps you customize the diet according to your lifestyle. You receive expert guidance and tools to navigate the plan you have chosen. It also has fun challenges, rewards and tips, all in the palm of your hands.

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Benefits Of The South Beach Diet

-Helps you lose a phenomenal 7 lbs in the first week only.

-Helps you keep the weight off.

-It helps transform your metabolism with a keto-friendly South Beach diet, which is essentially high-fat and low-carb.

-You get to enjoy more lean proteins, healthy fats, and more quality carbs than traditional keto.

-You have a lot of variety and flexibility in the meal plans. You also have the choice to eat a wide range of different foods so you dont get deficient in any vital mineral or vitamin.

-You can also dine out with friends while on this diet.

-You get a safe weight-loss experience as the meal plans are doctor-designed.

-Meal plans are low in added sugar and dont contain artificial flavors or sweeteners.

-You-friendly dieting.

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The South Beach Diet Plans

1.Reboot Kit This one-week plan is for you if you have up to 10 lbs to lose. This includes a week of special keto-friendly meals, snacks and shakes. The price is $9.99, including shipping charges.

2.Silver Plan This is the original 4-week South Beach diet plan. It includes keto-friendly meals for 5 days a week, a choice to choose your meals from the chef-inspired menu options, and free delivery. This will cost you a minimum of $9.56 /day.

3.Gold Plan This is the most-popular 4-week plan and it includes meals as well as snacks. It includes everything in the Silver plan, plus you can choose from wider menu options. Each day will cost a minimum of $10.88.

4.Platinum Plan It is a complete 4-week diet plan. It includes all that you get with the Gold plan plus 15 keto-friendly shakes. Prices start at $ 11.87/day.

5.Diabetes Gold Plan-This plan is designed for you to lose weight and manage type-2 diabetes. Prices start at $ 10. 88/day and it includes everything in the Gold plan plus its designed to lower blood sugar.

Youll get the South Beach App with all plans.


What Is The South Beach Diet?

The 4-week South Beach diet is a keto-friendly diet that doesnt take you into nutritional ketosis, but it makes sure that you enjoy more high-grade carbs, lean protein, and mono-saturated fats, and different types of food to lose weight smoothly.

Who Can Use The South Beach Diet?

Anybody can try this diet, but only after consulting a doctor.

How Do I Use The South Beach Diet?

The meals, snacks, and shakes are ready-made and are delivered to your doorstep. You have access to a specialized app in case you want to know more. You also have access to customized support by nutritionists.

Where Can I Buy The South Beach Diet?

You canpurchase this diet from the product website only.

Is The South Beach Diet Safe?

The diet is safe. If you are going for the South Beach Diabetes Gold plan, its best to consult your doctor first. This diet plan is not a substitute for diabetes medicine and neither does it control it. What it does is help you achieve significant weight-loss to manage your T2D better. Its a low-calorie diet plan and you may go into a low blood sugar state if you are on insulin or oral diabetes medicines and do not adjust them before starting this plan.

Similarly, if you have food allergies, you can contact the dietary counselors to help you select a special menu.

The Verdict

While the South Beach diet follows a low-carb, healthy-fat approach, its not a strict, traditional keto. It does not help you achieve nutritional ketosis. But, it helps you enjoy many of the benefits of the keto diet for fat loss without friction and pain.

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