Paddock Lane will experience delayed start date

August 11, 2018 GMT

Paddock Lane Elementary will start Aug. 20 instead of Aug. 15 as originally planned.

An email sent by Paddock Lane’s Principal Betty Reploge stated that Paddock Lane will start on Monday, Aug. 20 instead of Wednesday, Aug. 15 as originally planned due to setbacks from construction.

Beatrice Superintendent Jason Alexander said the issues are with completing the finishing touches.

“At this point we just have a situation where construction crews are on the final touches of laying carpet, preparing the exterior of the building, fire alarms being hooked up and electrical,” Alexander said, “as soon as that’s done then we’ll just need some time to move in, so it’s just those final phases of completion we’re waiting to be done.”


According to Alexander the original completion date for Paddock Lane’s construction was Aug. 1. Alexander said there were some delays at the start of construction that could have pushed back the completion date.

Students will still be able to meet their education requirements this year with the delayed start. According to Alexander, students are required to have 1,032 hours, per the state’s requirements, and the school calendar has enough days built into it that Paddock Lane will meet these requirements.

“Now that being said, that’s also saying that we don’t have a monstrous winter with 25 inches of snow that keeps us from going to school multiple days either,” Alexander said.

Paddock Lane is the only elementary school changing their start date. In Reploge’s email, she said the school’s sneak peek night will be hosted Friday Aug. 17 starting at 4:30 p.m., to reveal the new construction. All other Beatrice elementary schools will start Aug 15.