David Girod: Sex and politics

November 22, 2017

As the list of peopole accused of sexual assault and harassment (alleged) grows, it raises many questions in my mind. Thur far the list includes actors, TV personalities, politicians, and I read in a recent issue of USA Today, mine in the military -- high ranking officers. Last night on TV I heard a reporter state that Hillary Clinton was to have said “That Bill’s affair was much different that that of Roy Moore.”

Remembering “that girl” from the Oval Office in 1997 (I don’t want to insult Marlo Thomas, the actress who played a role on TV on a show of that name) and the alleged victims of Roy Moor, I guess it’s a matter of semantics.

Senator Franken got into hot water with his clowining around when he was still a comedian with SNL. I applaud him for writing an apology to the victim. I don’t think it’s reason for him to resign since this happened after a USO tour for our troops. I’m reminded of another great comedian, Bob Hope, who also did USO shows in Vietnam. His signature song was “Thanks for the Memories.” Senator Franken’s song would be “Thanks for the Mammaries.”