Spineless Ryan waves goodbye: Darcy cartoon

April 12, 2018 GMT

Spineless Ryan waves goodbye: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced Wednesday that he will be retiring at the end of his term.  Ryan retired his backbone back in 2016.

There had been reports over the past several months that Ryan would not seek re-election with Republicans expected to lose majority control of the House.  It wasn’t certain that Ryan himself could even win re-election to his Wisconsin seat.

Ryan’s actions and inaction as Speaker left his image severely damaged, not just among Democrats, but also conservative Republicans.


Republican strategist Steve Schmidt wrote in a tweet that “Paul Ryan’s monument will be the putrid and smoldering ruins of the Republican Party and conservative movement that he betrayed with his complicity and cowardice.  He lacked the guts to stand for decency and wisdom to confront the threat of Trumpism.”

Ryan wasn’t only spineless when it came to dealing with Trump.  He also stood by and allowed Trump’s water boy Devin Nunes to completely destroy the credibility and bipartisanship of the House Intelligence Committee. 

Back when Ryan was chosen as Mitt Romney’s running mate, there were stories about how chiseled Ryan was from his regular weight lifting routine.  Ryan may have had photogenic biceps but it turns out he had no backbone and was easily pushed around by giant cheese puff Trump.

In announcing his retirement, Ryan claimed he accomplished most of what he set out to do in Congress.  Really?    Ryan did get tax reform passed.  But he also had long wanted to gut entitlement safety net programs and thankfully failed to.   Trump was never going to sign any Ryan legislation cutting up the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid safety nets.  That’s the other real reason Ryan decided to retire.

By far, Ryan’s biggest bust was as the hyped Republican wonder boy deficit wonk.   Deficit hawk Ryan retires as Speaker with the  U.S. operating under a trillion dollar yearly deficit.

Ryan says he will never seek elected office again, including the presidency.  There’s likely to be little demand for a spineless presidential candidate who wants to slash social security.

With the cushy pension plan Congress provides itself and the House Speaker, Ryan can retire at 48 without ever having to worry about relying on the entitlement programs he wanted to deprive other retirees of.

Right now, Ryan will go down as one of the worst House Speakers in history.  With eight months to serve he can start to repair his damaged image and legacy by getting a spine transplant and legislation protecting Robert Mueller passed.