Your guide to the 2016 Kingwood Civic Club Holiday Decorating contest winners

December 17, 2016 GMT

Every year volunteers from the Kingwood Civic Club make their way around the Kingwood area to judge lights and decorations for their annual Holiday Decorating contest.

They visited homes in subdivisions throughout the area Saturday, Dec. 10 and if a house was selected as a winner, a sign was placed in their yard.

The following are the winners for the 2016 Kingwood Civic Club Holiday Decorating contest:


Best Traditional - 1214 Eversham Way

Best Religious - 1207 Hamlet Way

Best Lights - 1303 Blantyre Way

Santa’s Favorite - 1302 Blantyre Way

Best Doorway - 2914 Scotswold Manor

Best Block Spirit - 2927 N Cotswold Manor

Bear Branch Village

Best Traditional - 3602 Woodbridge

Best Religious - 3401 Village Oaks

Best Lights - 3306 Riverlawn Drive

Santa’s Favorite - 3506 Sandy Forks

Best Doorway - 3426 Tree Lane

Best Block Spirit - No Winner

Elm Grove Village

Best Traditional - 3323 Golden Willow

Best Religious - 5434 Fern Park Dr

Best Lights - 2918 Clear Ridge

Santa’s Favorite - 3906 Maple Heights

Best Doorway - 5631 Manor Forest Dr.

Best Block Spirit - Clear Ridge Dr

Fosters Mill Village

Best Traditional - 2306 Forest Garden

Best Religious - 4711 Breezy Point

Best Lights - 2302 Glenburn Drive

Santa’s Favorite - 2118 Forest Garden

Best Doorway - 2202 Long Valley Drive

Best Block Spirit - Long Valley

Greentree Village

Best Traditional - 3207 Cedar Village Drive

Best Religious - 3407 Deerland Ct

Best Lights - 5615 Hickory Village Dr

Santa’s Favorite - 3531 Shady Village

Best Doorway - 5330 Hickory Village

Best Block Spirit - Tall Ridge Ct.

Hunters Ridge Village

Best Traditional - 2615 Brookdale

Best Religious - 3906 Garden Lane

Best Lights - 4142 Valley Haven

Santa’s Favorite - 2613 Silver Falls

Best Doorway - 2906 Garden Leaf

Best Block Spirit - 3900 Block of Garden Lake

Kings Crossing

Best Traditional - 2803 Halton

Best Religious - 3314 Redwood Lake

Best Lights - 4407 Denmere Ct

Santa’s Favorite - 3343 Lake Garden Ct

Best Doorway - 4407 Vandermere

Best Block Spirit - Halton Ct

Kings Forest

Best Traditional - 2711 Laurel Garden

Best Religious - No winner

Best Lights - 2303 Mill Lake Drive

Santa’s Favorite - 3017 Forest Laurel

Best Doorway - 2907 Trail Lodge

Best Block Spirit - Oak Forks

Kings Point #1/The Reserve

Best Traditional - 6202 Mighty Elm Ct

Best Religious - 2503 Deer Mountain

Best Lights - 6003 Hidden Lakes

Santa’s Favorite - 2707 Mountain Green Tr

Best Doorway - 2730 Whispering Fern

Best Block Spirit - Conifer Creek

Kings Point #2/Royal Shores

Best Traditional - 6211 Majestic Hill

Best Religious - 6002 S Royal Point

Best Lights - 1114 Royal Shores Circle

Santa’s Favorite - 1630 Scenic Mountain

Best Doorway - 5806 South Royal Point

Best Block Spirit - Royal Point Ct

Kings River #1

Best Traditional 20738 Emerald Spruce Ct

Best Religious 7303 Pine Arrow Court

Best Lights 19719 Sage Tree

Santa’s Favorite 20613 Delta Wood Tr

Best Doorway 7711 Pinehurst Shadow Dr

Best Block Spirit Wild Rye Tr

Kings River #2

Best Traditional 20818 Kings Clover Ct

Best Religious 6322 Water Point Ct

Best Lights 20911 Greenwood Tr

Santa’s Favorite 6318 Hedge Maple Ct

Best Doorway 6302 Pine Trail Lane

Best Block Spirit Greenwood Trail

Kingwood Glen

Best Traditional 19123 Mill Oak Dr

Best Religious 19326 Kristen Pine Dr

Best Lights 20211 Entrada Ct

Santa’s Favorite 19318 Kristen Pine Drive

Best Doorway 20131 Glen Burn Ct

Best Block Spirit Kacey Lane Ct

Kingwood Greens

Best Traditional 15 Links Ct

Best Religious 5 Forest Course

Best Lights 6 New Greens Ct

Santa’s Favorite 7 Links Ct

Best Doorway 23 Forest Green Trail

Best Block Spirit Links Ct

Kingwood Lakes

Best Traditional 2418 Oak Bank Drive

Best Religious 3606 Ash Park

Best Lights 3610 Ash Park

Santa’s Favorite 2318 Pine Bend

Best Doorway 2443 Lake Village Dr

Best Block Spirit Ash Park Dr

Kingwood Place

Best Traditional 2018 Blossom Creek

Best Religious 2019 White Oak Hills

Best Lights 2011 White Oak Hills

Santa’s Favorite 1819 Ridgeway Park

Best Doorway 2010 Ridgeway Park Dr

Best Block Spirit Blossom Creek

Mills Branch Village

Best Traditional 5215 Apple Vale

Best Religious 3414 Kings Mountain Dr

Best Lights 4430 Natural Bridge

Santa’s Favorite 3602 Purple Meadow

Best Doorway 4302 Scenic Valley

Best Block Spirit Scenic Valley Dr

North Kingwood Forest

Best Traditional 5606 My Way

Best Religious 5622 Straight Way

Best Lights 3402 Any Way

Santa’s Favorite 3406 Any Way

Best Doorway No Winner

Best Block Spirit No Winner

North Woodland Hills Village

Best Traditional 2179 Tree Lane

Best Religious 2111 Fir Springs

Best Lights 2031 Little Cedar

Santa’s Favorite 2234 Middle Creek

Best Doorway 2079 Aspen Glen

Best Block Spirit Oak Shores

Oakhurst #1

Best Traditional 25620 Tiverton Forest

Best Religious 25425 Ram Rock

Best Lights 25644 Peppermill Creek

Santa’s Favorite 25545 Oakhurst Forest

Best Doorway 25592 Peppermill Creek

Best Block Spirit Kenswick Park

Oakhurst #2

Best Traditional 25247 Sausalito Ln

Best Religious 20765 Sweet Glen Dr

Best Lights 24547 Yorktown Heights

Santa’s Favorite 20785 Sweet Glen Dr

Best Doorway 20704 Sweet Glen Dr

Best Block Spirit No Winner

Oakhurst #3

Best Traditional 20153 Southwood Oaks

Best Religious 20327 Southwood Oaks

Best Lights 21322 Avett Dr

Santa’s Favorite 24507 German Oak Dr

Best Doorway 24645 Hosford Meadows

Best Block Spirit No Winner


Best Traditional 2330 Crimson Valler Dr

Best Religious 6407 Seven Leaf Lane

Best Lights 2323 Crimson Valley

Santa’s Favorite 2311 Timber Brook Trail

Best Doorway 2505 River Chase Forest Dr

Best Block Spirit Prim Water Ct

Sand Creek Village

Best Traditional 5323 Blue Creek Dr

Best Religious 5907 Rocky Brook Dr

Best Lights 5607 Woodland Creek

Santa’s Favorite 5419 Sycamore Creek Dr

Best Doorway 5210 Blue Creek Dr

Best Block Spirit Manor Glen Dr

Sherwood Trails Village

Best Traditional 4218 Hermitage Hollow

Best Religious 2306 Mast Ct

Best Lights 2403 Sherwood Hollow

Santa’s Favorite 2515 Sherwood Hollow

Best Doorway 2719 Meandering Trails

Best Block Spirit No Winner

South Woodland Hills Village

Best Traditional 2010 Pine River

Best Religious 2207 Riverlawn

Best Lights 2222 Riverlawn Dr

Santa’s Favorite 1934 Lake Hills Dr

Best Doorway 2026 Willow Point

Best Block Spirit Willow Point

Trailwood Village

Best Traditional 1954 River Falls

Best Religious 1903 Grove Lake

Best Lights 2219 Laurel Hill

Santa’s Favorite 1906 Thousand Pines

Best Doorway 1906 Laurel Hill

Best Block Spirit Forest Manor Dr

Woodridge Forest

Best Traditional 22739 Adrift Row Ln

Best Religious 25237 Forest Lake

Best Lights 22715 Whispering Timbers

Santa’s Favorite 25248 Forest Ledge

Best Doorway 25249 Forest Lake

Best Block Spirit Windward Meadow

Woodspring Forest

Best Traditional 2713 Crichton

Best Religious 4514 Woodspring Glen

Best Lights 2708 Crichton

Santa’s Favorite 4515 Mandrover

Best Doorway 2741 Foster Hill Dr

Best Block Spirit Clemwood Ln

Woodstream Village

Best Traditional 4911 Berry Knoll Ct

Best Religious 3102 Junegrass Ct

Best Lights 4603 Redwood Grove

Santa’s Favorite 4915 Birch Bough Ct

Best Doorway 2910 Apple Forest

Best Block Spirit 3000 Block Heather Lakes Ct