‘Outlander’ lovers finally reunite in extremely sexy episode.

October 20, 2017 GMT

After a sad, tumultuous and relatively sex-free start, “Outlander’s” third season finally explodes in a sizzling reunion between time-crossed lovers Claire and Jamie.

The two, 20 years older and even more appealing, are played by gracefully gorgeous Caitriona Balfe and unbelievably ripped Sam Heughan. They spend much of their evening reconnecting in the bedroom, where erotic sparks fly more than once.

The spouses also have a lot of catching up to do verbally, which they do, throughout the engaging, often playful night.

The super-sized episode, which runs past the usual hour, airs at 7 p.m. Sunday on Starz.


The storyline is one fans have patiently awaited ever since the spouses tragically separated at the end of last season. That happened just as the bloody Battle of Culloden in 1746 was about to start. Jamie convinced a pregnant Claire, despite her protestations, to return to the 20th century to protect their child.

That child is Brianna (Sophie Skelton), who grew into a bonny young woman with a striking resemblance to Highlander Jamie, right down to her red hair.

Bree, as she’s called, and her boyfriend, historian Roger Wakefield (Richard Rankin), are, in fact, instrumental in sending Claire back to Jamie to rekindle their romance.

But before that happens, season three plodded along rather dismally. We were showed how tough it was for both Jamie and Claire, after the latter traveled through the stones and returned to her old life, and marriage, in 1948.

Following the Brits’ victory at Culloden, Jamie was deemed a traitor and imprisoned by the Redcoats in dank, vermin-filled cells. One bright spot was a friendship that developed years later between Jamie and the prison’s new boss, who, remembering the former had saved his life when he was young, repaid the Scot with kindness.

Jamie’s eventually released and sent to serve in the household of an aristocrat. There, the master’s spirited daughter takes a fancy to him. She orders Jamie to take her virginity before she marries her rich fiance, who’s much older and on the repulsive side.

OK, OK — but lest we forget, the drama is based on a series of popular romance novels, after all.

In any event, the night reaps what becomes the second bright spot for Jamie this season: a son. Although he can’t acknowledge his paternity, he takes secret comfort in knowing young Willie is his.

Emotionally speaking, life hasn’t been a bed of roses for Claire either. Made painfully aware of his wife’s journey back in time — and her undying love for another man — Frank (Tobias Menzies) becomes bitter and aloof. After Brianna is born, the two begin living separate lives with separate bedrooms.


They relocate to Boston, where he’s an esteemed professor who finds comfort in the arms of other women. She throws her energies into medical school and, upon graduation, her work as a surgeon.

What keeps them together is Bree, whom Frank adores and treats as his own. Finally, when she’s 18, he asks Claire for a divorce, hoping to marry again and take Bree with them back to London.

Before that happens, however, he’s killed in a car accident.

It isn’t long before the widowed Claire, after learning Jamie is still alive, going by the name of A. Malcolm and running a print shop in Edinburgh, decides to return to him.

Her daughter, who realizes how bottled up her mother has been for so long, gives Claire her blessing.

What ensues is intriguing, lovely, sometimes magical, television. I can’t remember witnessing a reunion quite like this one in a movie or TV show before.

So enjoy — at least while the happiness lasts. As “Outlander” fans know all too well, trouble almost always is around the corner.

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