Nation doesn’t want spoiler Schultz -- Margaret Benbow

February 8, 2019 GMT

Saturday’s letter to the editor ” Schultz is the leader nation needs ” began with this sentence: “When America elected Donald Trump, we thought we were voting for a proven corporate leader.” The writer is mistaken.

America did not elect Donald Trump. America elected Hillary Clinton, and by a robust majority. It was the will of the people to be led by a moderate Democrat. She was robbed of her victory by our derelict Electoral College, which was created over 200 years ago and didn’t even make much sense then.


The writer goes on to say that “we” are disenchanted with both parties, and Starbucks titan Howard Schultz is the independent moderate we need to lead us. Again, he is mistaken.

Schultz is a coffee mogul with pathetic dreams of glory. He thinks he’s qualified to have the most powerful job in the world, but why? We learned some very hard lessons in 2016. The main one was that the vain ambitions of a narcissistic spoiler, out for himself, could divide a great party.

A divided vote opened the way for Trump, with his tragic unfitness, to occupy our White House. That is what Schultz would do, and wants to do. Please, never again.

Margaret Benbow, Madison