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Don Doerr Sr.: Another selfish decision in Winona

May 19, 2019 GMT

While Bay State is a blessing to Winona and a quality place to work, the decision to demolish more of Winona’s architectural heritage must remind us of the recent school-replacement scheme, the now-illegal poisoning of all life in Boller Lake, the slaughter of geese at Lake Winona, the demolition of the historic and beautiful Winona Post Office, and the destruction of Central Park, all by and for a handful of materialistic individuals who remind one of the Biblical “money changers” that Jesus drove from the temple, individuals who even have the power to destroy preserved wetlands to build their fleeting and destructive monuments to their personal bank accounts.


It is this same selfish band that previously targeted our historic court house.

Since I have gratefully worked at both Peerless Chain sites to pay my way through college and later to simply survive, I am personally familiar with both of the buildings now on the target list. As our greedy community leaders stand in the dust of their on-going proposed destruction — while fondling their thirty pieces of silver — our only consolation is that each of us will soon follow these monuments to history that helped to build the former city of Winona that some of us still remember and treasure.

Don Doerr Sr., Winona