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LETTER: Playing field skewed to favor those at top

April 17, 2019 GMT

Have the rich worked so hard that they deserve ever greater advantages from our government in each succeeding generation? Do the rest of us deserve a level playing field from our government? Are these important questions?

“The culture war” works beautifully as a political game to polarize us, excite the base, and to build rating on talk shows that bring in the most opposed on each side, and therefore the least likely to solve anything, to entertain us.

Even though politicians all bemoan polarization, they do so while knowing that gridlock doesn’t exist in efforts to skew the playing field ever more in advantage of those on top.

As a result, a blue-collar middle class fades and the “American Dream” becomes harder to achieve for each succeeding generation. Small family businesses, family farms, the poor, the homeless, many of them veterans, and those with mental illnesses aren’t really a priority. While these things generate some talk about help, little, compared to the need, is actually given. This is where gridlock exists.

We can’t pretend that the massive growth in wealth for the the top 10 percent and in the top one percent of that ten percent came without extensive lobbying efforts in Washington to get even greater advantage in our society.

As our attention was being focused on issues of the culture war, behind the scenes much work was being done that didn’t receive the needed scrutiny and allowed greater and greater advantage be given to those on top. Jerry Eaton, Sioux City