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Measure 105 is contradictory for conservatives

October 31, 2018

The Voters’ Information Pamphlet got me thinking, as it should. It struck me that Measure 105 would prohibit sanctuary cities, which is contradictory.

It’s no secret that President Trump doesn’t like sanctuary cities, and I believe that’s one of the reasons we have this measure on our ballot. The contradiction is that many supporters of Mr. Trump believe that he will reduce the interference of the federal government in our lives. However, if this measure passes, it will remove some of the sovereignty our states and municipalities now have in making their own decisions and give more power to the federal government to tell us what we can or cannot do. If this measure passes, Mr. Trump will go against the wishes of his supporters.

But we wouldn’t even have this measure on the ballot if it weren’t for the fear of immigrants. This fear is ironic, as every citizen in the United States can trace their roots back to immigration. Even First Nation people were immigrants in their very early history. This fear causes many of us to want a wall built to keep out immigrants. The irony continues when you consider that in 1987 we all cheered when President Reagan, a Republican, made his speech at the Berlin Wall requesting the Soviet Union’s Gorbachev to “Tear down this wall.” We cheered even louder when the last of the wall came down in 1991. Yet here we are in 2018 with another Republican president who actually wants to build a huge, impenetrable wall across the U.S. border. We need to keep in mind that any wall built to keep someone out can also be used to keep us in. Will this wall and our fear of immigrants become another Berlin Wall?

Voters: Be careful what you wish for.

Simone Becker