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Jeremy Renner wants his daughter to ‘experience adversity’

July 14, 2017 GMT

Jeremy Renner wants his daughter to “experience adversity” so she will be prepared for anything that life may throw at her.

The ‘Avengers’ star accepts that four-year-old Ava - his child with his ex Sonni Pacheco - has a privileged upbringing due to her father’s Hollywood career but he wants her to realize that there’s more to the world than what she has so far experienced.

Renner wants to make sure “she’s able to handle things on her own” and intends to do that by challenging her, whilst also being the most consistent man in her world.

In an exclusive interview with Nobleman magazine, he said: “I think my job as a father is make it impossible for her to find the version of a man that I will show her. That’s my job every day. To be consistent, like the stone in the garden. Sometimes it sucks to be the stone but you need to be there. I want to impart self-assuredness, confidence. How to find beauty in herself and how to problem solve and overcome things ... I want to put her in front of things and have the experience where she has to make decisions. I want her to experience adversity because I think struggle is so important.”


Renner’s parenting plan comes from the upbringing he had with his own mother Valerie Cearley and father Lee Renner who, despite divorcing when he was 10, always gave him unconditional love and support.

The 46-year-old actor - who is the oldest of seven siblings - shared: “Whether or not she ends up being a mini-me or not, that’s just my ego, I want her to realize who she really is. I want to show her unconditional love and support as well. Growing up I knew that no matter what my parents would love and support me, even if that didn’t completely understand what acting was, I knew they had my back.”

Renner is currently recovering from fracturing his right elbow and left wrist which he injured when a stunt on his new movie ‘Tag’ went wrong.