Kelly Fryer: District 5 voters now have a choice

July 3, 2018 GMT


Jaime Morgaine, running to represent Legislative District 5 in the Arizona state legislature, is fearless and passionate about moving Arizona past the petty partisan politics that so many of us, regardless of party, are sick of. The “Meet Your Candidates” event she attended on June 24 was not branded as a Republican event or a fundraiser. It was also advertised as free and open to the public. Morgaine’s unexpected attendance made a point: For the first time in a long time, District 5 voters have choices. Unfortunately, the response of Lake Havasu City’s mayor was all too familiar. Someone needs to tell him that women are no longer going to “stand in a corner and be quiet” and that you shouldn’t have to pay money to meet your candidates or your elected officials. Arizona’s toxic political culture needs to change. We have big problems to solve together, especially in our rural counties, where our public schools, infrastructure, environmental challenges and local economies are largely ignored by current state leaders. Morgaine is exactly the kind of leader we need in Arizona right now. You can be certain she will speak out and stand up for everyone in her district — not just those in her own party or the ones who can afford to write a fat check.

Kelly Fryer, Candidate for Governor of Arizona