Pools Plus sold to JTS

January 27, 2019 GMT

KANKAKEE — Pools Plus, a Kankakee-based business since 1981, has been sold, and the new owners plan to move to the Village Square Shopping Center in Bradley.

The business, which had been owned by Chebanse resident Karen Alexander since 2002, was going to be relocated to a new location since the North Entrance Avenue location it had called home since 1989 had been sold.

Alexander said the ownership of JTS Pools & Spas Inc. recently purchased the business. JTS has locations in Ottawa and Peru.

Neither JTS President Jim Matthews nor Vice President Darryl Lopez were available for comment.

However, the company has settled on a new location, the former 6,000-square-foot Carquest Auto Parts of Bradley location at 1 Village Square Shopping Center along North Street. They are leasing the location and will now be JTS Pools & Spas Inc.

Alexander had been looking for a new Pools Plus location since the North Entrance Avenue location was purchased late last year by Don Hemenover, owner of Hemenover Construction. As she was looking, she was contacted by JTS leadership.

After some discussion, a deal was struck.

“The new ownership will be much more dynamic,” she said.

Alexander said the company also said it would be keeping Pools Plus employees. She said at the height of pool installation season, the company has a staff of 12.

“It’s going to be a big change. But I believe this will be a change for the better for the customers and employees,” she said.

Alexander has been busy calling her customers letting them know of the new ownership. She said JTS will honor all existing purchases.

Pools Plus was started in 1981 by the late Bruce and Ruth Wegner. Bruce had worked for another area pool company but decided to start his own business.

The couple opened their first store at 652 N. Fifth Ave., Kankakee. The 1,800-square-foot store served as the company’s home for eight years, but the expanding business needed more room.

They moved into 635 N. Entrance Ave.

Bruce died in 1993, and Ruth passed away in 2002. Alexander’s brother, Chris, who also had worked at the business with their parents, left the company at that time, which left Karen Alexander as the owner.