Yes to New Mexico wind and solar

April 16, 2018 GMT

According to Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., the Sagamore Wind Project — the largest wind farm in New Mexico’s history — will mean hundreds of local, high-quality jobs in the Portales and Clovis area, plus school funding and clean, affordable energy. It will bring nearly $1 billion of private investment to Eastern New Mexico, create up to 300 construction jobs and as many as 30 full-time operations jobs, and produce an estimated $43 million in gross receipts tax revenue for the state of New Mexico. Local public schools will receive millions of dollars in funding from tax revenue generated over the lifetime of this project, including $44.5 million for schools in Dora and $39 million for schools in Portales. Clean energy production can revolutionize the economic future of our state and build a sustainable future. I vote for growing New Mexico jobs with wind energy and solar energy.


Peggy O’Mara

Santa Fe

A nice pension

According to my Google search, Paul Ryan will retire from Congress with eligible for an annual pension of about $85,000 for life. In his almost 20 years in office, he has voted to invade Iraq on the weapons-of-mass-destruction lie, spent eight years saying no to anything President Barack Obama tried to enact and rewarded his owners with the latest tax giveaway. He will say he has “served” the country. How can we change the theft of taxpayer dollars when members of Congress make their own rules?

Graham Cawdrey

Santa Fe

Dollars for schools

Ripple’s — a virtual currency company’s — gift of $29 million to DonorsChoose.org reported in The New Mexican (“How to get $29 million for classroom projects: Ask,” April 2), warmed our hearts, knowing the difference it will make for students and teachers across the country. As we celebrate the generosity of this gift, we are reminded and equally proud of similar efforts made right here in our own backyard by Dollars4Schools.

Created by Michael and Patricia French in 2010, Dollars4Schools’ grassroots model provides Santa Fe public school teachers with a local helping-hand in funding classroom programs. Dollars4Schools transitioned to the Santa Fe Community Foundation in 2013 and to date has funded nearly 700 programs — including 92 in the 2017-18 school year. We are grateful for the opportunities our incredible community’s support makes possible in classrooms across our city and honored to celebrate support of education nationally.

Bill Smith

president and CEO


Santa Fe Community Foundation

Ona Johnson



Misguided approach

Jeff Apodaca demonstrates again a corrupting motivation to win at any cost, as when he cried earlier that party rules should be changed to favor him alone (“Time to end whining in race for governor,” Ringside Seat, April 9). Apodaca’s overall appeal is strikingly similar to his “Jerry-built” father’s 1976 legacy of self-enrichment first above public-policy-focused governing. As a would-be politician, Jeff Apodaca has failed miserably in his misguided lawsuit against opponent, state Sen. Joseph Cervantes (“Cervantes wins fight to remain on ballot,” April 6), attempting to deny primary voters a better choice between either Democratic U.S. Rep Michelle Lujan Grisham or Cervantes — candidates showing substantially more ethical compass than former communications executive and novice political hack Jeff Apodaca.

Kim Switzer

Santa Fe

Two simple rules

Although Dr. John Rosemond was not alive then, my family and friends were brought up by his principles, that good behavior was expected and actions have consequences. We developed our own self-esteem as to how we responded to these two simple rules (“Keep Rosemond,” Letters to the editor, April 8). There was no question that parents had the last word. Our children and grandchildren are passing these on to their own, and we sisters of the 1940s generation can be proud of our productive and well-behaved and generally happy offspring.

I’m thankful there is still at least one professional out there who understands and promotes these rules. I have always maintained that parenting is mainly two simple rules as well. Stick to your standards (rules, if you like) and endure. You and your children will benefit in the end.

Suzanne D. Schutze