Rauner thanks veterans for debt that can’t be repaid

November 14, 2018

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner marked Veterans Day by telling Illinois vets that the state can never repay them for their service.

Governor Rauner spent Veterans Day talking to vets in Chicago.

He simply told them: Thank you.

“We are the greatest nation on earth. We are the world’s beacon of freedom, or hope, and justice and Democracy for one reason,” Rauner said. “That is because of your patriotism. And your bravery, your dedication, your service, and your sacrifice.”

Rauner told the vets that the state of Illinois will never be able to truly repay them for the debt.

“I want to thank every one of you, every veteran across Illinois, and across the world,” the governor said. “You are our heroes. On behalf of all of us, the people of Illinois, thank you. God bless you. We owe you an incredible debt of gratitude that we can never fully pay.”

He said veterans should never forget that they are heroes.