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P.E.O. group puts on royal event for youngsters

November 14, 2016

DONNELLSON – Within four days, 60 tickets were sold for the Donnellson Princess Tea Party, held Sunday at the Pilot Grove Saving Bank Community Room.

Princesses of all ages were invited to come in costume to be pampered in true princess fashion. There were games, sweets, party favors, crafts, music, dancing, a photo booth and more. The first day of ticket sales, 30 tickets were sold. The event was advertised on Facebook and tickets were sold through online website and in local towns. Even special guest Miss Junior Rodeo Iowa 2016 Hailey Tweedy was enjoying all the fun at the Tea Party.

The event was sponsored by Chapter O of P.E.O. of Farmington, which is a philanthropic and educational organization that supports women in higher education.

P.E.O. member Shawn Perkins said “the event provides something fun for girls to do.”

According to Perkins, P.E.O. was not as involved in the community in the past but they are trying to make more efforts to do so.

“We have not been really active in the community, but we are trying to change that and make people aware of our organization and the things that we do,” said Perkins.

Tweedy thought the princesses were having a “blast.”

This was Tweedy’s last public appearance since winning her rodeo title. She said she will be traveling with Miss Rodeo Iowa Shelby Chapman to support her during the Miss Rodeo America competition in December in Las Vegas.

The Princess Tea Party featured Walt Disney Princess characters Snow White, Cinderella, Princess Anna and Queen Elsa. All of the princesses were accompanied by an adult. Cost for the children to participate was $10.

Perkins said tickets went quickly and that there were several disappointed that they weren’t able to get them.

“It was in pretty high demand. We’re hoping that next year we will do well with it,” said Perkins.

Perkins also said they might even have two days — Saturday and Sunday — for the Princess Tea Party.

The Tea Party had tables filled with cupcakes, popcorn snacks and many other delightful foods .

Princesses played a game of Bad Apple, where partners toss a rotten apple back and forth until the music stops. The person holding the apple when the music stops is eliminated.

They played kiss the frog game where each princess was given lipstick to put on to kiss the pictured frog. The princesses also made crowns, played Princess Bingo with Disney princesses and volunteers Kaitlyn Jordan of Donnellson dressed up as Anna; Kaylynn Summers of Argyle dressed up as Elsa; Tessa Story and Sydney Marsh of Bonaparte, dressed as Snow White and Cinderella, respectively.

At the event, princesses colored at coloring table and got nails painted by volunteers Vuel Smith and Laura Powers.

There were about 20 volunteers that helped plan, decorate and participate in activities at the event.

“We wanted to promote good will within the community,” Perkins said. “It’s essential for fun activities for kids in the community that are safe activities and you can take your children there and it’s safe and positive.”

The Princess Tea party raised $600 for the organization. All proceeds from the Princess Tea Party will go towards grants and scholarships for women in higher education.