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Eagle Mountain proposes to build rec center in multiple phases

April 6, 2018 GMT

Eagle Mountain is closer to getting a piece of the recreation center it has wanted for years, an aquatic center with a recreational pool.

The aquatic center would be the first phase of a multiphase project that would eventually include fitness and exercise space, a gymnasium, and a competition pool, all collectively a part of the city’s planned recreation center.

The completion date of the rest of the recreation center has not been announced. A construction timeline for the aquatic center has not been announced either.

Funds for the city’s contribution to the first phase will be included in the proposed budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year, according to Mayor Tom Westmoreland. Westmoreland said in the city’s newsletter, The Eagle’s View, that the city is partnering with S. K. Hart, the company that developed the Porter’s Crossing Town Center, to match a donation of $2.6 million by the company toward construction of the center.

“The top amenity request residents have had for several years is a recreation center,” Westmoreland said. “Eagle Mountain City has dedicated a significant amount of time researching options that would bring a recreation center here without requiring a tax increase or the assumption of bond debt.”

Part of the city’s cost might be defrayed by crowdfunding. Survey results reported to the city council in February indicated that $500 thousand to $1.1 million could be raised by crowdfunding. Of 2,300 respondents, 85 percent were willing to contribute, and most were willing to contribute up to $250.

“If the funds are approved in the budget, plans for construction will move forward,” Westmoreland said. “We do not have a construction timeline at this point, but the facility would be located in the Porter’s Crossing Town Center.”