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You can’t fake passion

November 22, 2018

It has been a fall to remember. The excitement on Idaho State University’s campus and the hope for the future are palpable. And as we draw near to the end of the semester, a piece of leadership advice feels particularly poignant. It is this: “You can’t fake passion.” As educators and those who support the mission of education, you can either show up out of obligation, or you can show up to change lives. You cannot fake the passion it takes to do these jobs.

In public higher education, we do what we do because it matters. And you either do or do not have a passion for that mission. As friends and supporters of the university, I encourage you to spend some time this holiday season reflecting on the lives of our students and how we are making the world a better place one educated mind at a time. Please let me thank you for your efforts toward that result.

I would like to provide you an update on a number of exciting happenings at ISU.

Earlier this fall, ISU hired A&E Engineering to help us move forward with plans to permanently reinstall the “I” on Red Hill. A geotechnical evaluation of Red Hill has now been completed, and A&E was asked to provide a preliminary design and construction estimate. The results of the evaluation and project estimates were received last week, and our team is now going through the study to develop a timeline to once again add the icon on Red Hill. I want to thank those in our campus community, including many alumni, who have come together to help this project become a reality.

I was very proud of our outstanding Political Science faculty, Kellee Kirkpatrick and James Stoutenborough, for their election night coverage on KPVI News 6. They provided excellent data breakdowns and information to the viewers on the impact of the local and national elections. This type of outreach demonstrates our connection to the continued education and well-being of our community.

And finally, my congratulations go out to Mark Neiwirth, our own Distinguished Steinway Artist and instructor of music, who last week received his silver medallion in the Capitol Rotunda as the recipient of the 2018 Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts. This is a prestigious and well-deserved recognition of Mark’s talents and contributions to our community.

Pocatello’s First Avenue is now permanently home to larger-than-life hummingbirds and honeybees thanks to the work of students, faculty and alumni from our Department of Art. The large murals add vibrant color to a part of town that is being revitalized through a collaborative partnership.

Please know that you are appreciated for all that you do to support ISU.

Roar, Bengals, Roar!

Kevin Satterlee is the president of Idaho State University.

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