Yes, there is a Santa — thanks to Postal Service

January 22, 2019

In December, my child sent a letter to Santa Claus, addressed to “North Pole.” She received a preprinted, gaily colored postcard from Santa that included a promise to find something special in his sack for her. It was signed, “Love, Santa.”

I do not know who is responsible for diverting such mail, and who provides the cards and postage to send it, but I wish to thank them for doing this. It brought happiness to my child and brings happiness to many others who receive them. My thanks to our wonderful U.S. Postal Service, which sees that the children’s letters are not thrown away or returned, but sent to someone who will answer them.

I am amazed at the great service we receive all year from the Postal Service, despite the efforts of conservative legislators to privatize it. It is an essential service for a democracy, an American gem that we must not allow to be dismantled.

Susan McGrew

Santa Fe

Ignoring the people

Over 50 percent of Americans are opposed to the border wall. When governments don’t do what the people want, it’s called fascism.

Dale Stevens

Los Alamos


Since the GOP embraced the hog, nourished him and then married him, its members now have the delight of sleeping with him. And they are still telling themselves that he is a fine match. Will any of them see him for what he is and also find the moral courage to bail out of the marriage?

Or is political power such a blinding intoxicant as to render its devotees helpless to recognize moral wretchedness?

I apologize to hogs everywhere for the comparison.

Hans von Briesen

Santa Fe

Against the wall

For many of us, funding Donald Trump’s wall has become indefensible. Trump’s wall is not about creating a secure border. It is a symbol of hate and racism, and a means to maintain the control of government in the hands of the “white.” Trump’s cruel attempts at limiting immigration and his deportations are abhorrent. The majority of us support multiculturalism, and we welcome immigrants.

Irene Wachtel

Santa Fe

Thanks and kudos

Thanks and kudos to the Santa Fe Public Library for hosting the the New Mexico Japanese American Citizens League’s traveling exhibit, Confinement in the Land of Enchantment, about World War II-era Japanese American internment in New Mexico.

The primary exhibit was shown at Southside Branch from November through mid-December, and complementary events were held at Main Library and the La Farge Branch.

The library performed a valuable role by providing this important public history and educational information to Santa Fe. Our great appreciation to the library staff and outreach personnel for setting up and hosting the exhibit. The public showed support and interest by full houses at events and a steady stream of library patrons who took in the exhibit and related events.

Victor Yamada

project director

New Mexico Japanese American Citizens League


Lights out

Are there street lights out where you live? Have you tried contacting the Public Service Company of New Mexico (888-245-3659) for city street light outages or crm.santafenm.gov?

We in Rio Vista have had some success a year ago. But we are noticing this problem all over town. Words won’t repair these lights. How to get these lights back in service? Do we have to wait till somebody gets hit by a snowplow (“Man hit by snowplow is recuperating in Abq.,” In brief, Jan. 15)?

Michael Friestad

Santa Fe