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Richard Cox: Another side of teacher pay debate

April 26, 2018 GMT


Teacher pay has been headline news these past few weeks. Let’s flip the coin over and see what teachers get for their pay. Teachers work from September until the end of May, basically nine months. Now take Thanksgiving, Christmas and spring break into consideration and their down to about eight months. They say they work 10-to-12-hour days grading papers, making lesson plans, etc. — which I am sure is true. If you are an adult lucky enough to have a full time job you can say the same thing. They get incredible employer-paid benefits including family health insurance and retirement. When they retire their health insurance continues to be paid by the school district or highly subsided. Tenure is another benefit teachers receive. Once you get tenure you have a job for life no matter how good or bad you teach. Does your job have tenure? Sounds like they want their cake and eat to.

Richard Cox

Lake Havasu City