Given probation for assisting in a homicide, man now faces years in prison for dealing meth

April 4, 2019 GMT

A Madison man who avoided prison nearly two years ago after pleading guilty to his involvement in a homicide on the city’s East Side now faces federal charges that he sold methamphetamine.

A federal grand jury issued an indictment Wednesday charging Johnny B. Green Jr. with four counts of distributing methamphetamine and one count of possessing methamphetamine with intent to distribute.

Green, 38, received five years of probation in 2017 for his role in the December 2015 shooting death of Samuel Erving. He pleaded guilty to second-degree reckless homicide for handing a gun to Antonio Stanley, which Stanley then used to shoot Erving, 28, in the parking lot of an auto parts store on East Washington Avenue.

Stanley pleaded guilty to second-degree intentional homicide and received a 7½-year prison sentence.

When Circuit Judge Josann Reynolds sentenced Green she told him that if he ever came back before her, she would “not be sympathetic,” and he would face a 25-year prison sentence. She sentenced Green to probation because of his lesser role in the shooting, his remorse and his minor criminal record.

But according to court records, Green caught the eye of state Division of Criminal Investigation agents last year, who saw him sell methamphetamine five times between Aug. 1 and Oct. 22, when he was arrested.

Green admitted selling the drug, court records state, because his girlfriend was “blowing the rent money” and he was worried about being evicted.

Green’s probation has been revoked and the state Department of Corrections is recommending that Reynolds sentence him on April 10 to four to five years in prison.

In addition, for each of the two federal charges involving more than 50 grams of methamphetamine, Green faces a mandatory minimum of five years in prison, with a maximum of 40 years. He faces up to 20 years for each of the other three counts.