Troopers: Hit-and-run driver injured 6-year-old Vance County boy on motorcycle

August 29, 2018 GMT

State troopers are looking for the driver of a car that hit a 6-year-old Vance County boy over the weekend.

Aaron Elliott and his son, Hunter, were riding a motorcycle on U.S. Highway 39 in Henderson on Saturday when they were struck from behind as they were about to make a right turn.

The driver of the car fled, leaving the 6-year-old’s leg badly damaged.

Motorcycles, a car show and McDonald’s was the plan for Hunter Elliot and his father, until the motorcycle ride turned into an ambulance ride to Duke Hospital.

“It was my first time,” Hunter said. “I was just getting ready to turn into my mom’s driveway and someone hit us from behind.”

Hunter’s father said he held onto the motorcycle and his son after the crash, but the boy ultimately fell off the bike.

“The first thing I hear is the tires squeal behind me and they kind of lock up and scare me a little bit. It’s like bracing for impact, you know what’s about to happen. When it happened, I just kind of held on to the motorcycle and grabbed him,” Elliott said.

Hunter’s left leg was severely damaged as a result of the crash. He has been through two surgeries since Saturday and he will find out if he needs a skin graft following a third surgery on Friday.

“It was his first time on the motorcycle. That’s what happens on your first time on a motorcycle, you have to crash,” Elliott said.

Highway Patrol troopers said the car involved in the crash is a white Honda CRV and a search is underway for the driver.

“I just want them to come forward, you know, and try and accept the responsibility for what they’ve done,” Elliott said.

Despite having another surgery scheduled for Friday, Hunter is still finding ways to smile.

“I got a Nerf gun to shoot the nurses,” he said.

“For a couple of days, especially Saturday, I felt so guilty and kind of took a lot of blame and just seeing him in good spirits just kind of makes me feel better,” Elliott said.

Troopers said charges will be filed once the driver of the Honda is located.