Your Turn: Dec. 30

December 29, 2018 GMT

No Syria worriesNo need to fret over Donald Trump’s decision to remove U.S. troops from Syria and Afghanistan. It is only the tip of the iceberg.Also, there may not be a need to replace the secretary of defense as long as Vladimir Putin is elated over Trump’s decision.With respect to shutting down the government over not funding the Mexican border wall, neither the leaders of the House nor the Senate matter as long as POTUS is being advised by Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Fox News.Stupidity prevails.John KeplerWonder no moreIs it that ISIS is defeated? Is it that he’s afraid of Turkey?Nope, and nope again. If that’s what you think, then you need to think again. For those who still don’t accept the Russian influence in the White House, let me tell you who it is. It’s Vladimir “Puppeteer” Putin.Frank Bent, SchertzMaster obfuscatorI’ve noticed that whatever our president denies is likely to be true. For example, despite his shouting, “No collusion!” every time the subject of Russia comes up, investigators keep digging up troubling facts about Russian involvement in his 2016 campaign.It also seems the more indictments that are issued over dirty dealing in his 2016 campaign, the more loudly he yells, “Witch hunt!”Also, the fact that one of his favorite insults for people who disagree with him is “low IQ,” although there is plenty of evidence that despite referring to himself as a genius, he’s not nearly as bright as he claims to be.It’s true that he’s a master of obfuscation, blather and, uh, bullstuff, but he just doesn’t seem able to grasp issues that involve any degree of complexity. For example, he shows that he doesn’t understand the difference between climate and weather when he states that climate change is a big hoax because we still have cold spells in winter.Also, he makes remarks that are downright silly, such as saying that the wildfires in California could have been prevented if people had taken the trouble to rake the forest. Also there are those illogical, ungrammatical, rambling tweets he puts out every day.A recent contributor (“He loves America,” Your Turn, Dec. 17) defends Donald Trump by saying that sometimes we need a Mother Teresa and sometimes we need a Dirty Harry. I’m afraid what we have now is more of a Forrest Gump who thinks he’s an Albert Einstein.Steven BottsHe gets respectRe: “Trump like guy without a date to the prom,” Another View, by Frank Bruni, Dec. 18:The world may “reject” him, but they have to respect him because he is the leader of the free world and also the leader of the most powerful country in this world. I’ll bet they will respect him if those countries ever get threatened or invaded or have a major crisis or disaster and they need his help.One can see the respect the president has gotten by the turnout of supporters at any of his rallies. And you have to respect the president for what he has done for our economy, the tax reform bill and, hopefully, the wall despite what the Democrats and media have to say about him. Let’s face it, the Democrats and the media hate President Donald Trump because he won the election in 2016 and not that self-deserving Hillary Clinton.The world rejects Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un and they are respected, yet Frank Bruni of the New York Times doesn’t mention anything about that.Look, most of us know that the media hate President Trump despite what they may say or print, so why don’t we just let his results speak for themselves?Robert M. Louie, HoustonScooters undo ADANot long ago, a woman named Judy Babbitt took command of the City’s Disability Access Office. A fearless “tiger woman,” Judy Babbitt ferociously advocated for such things as curb cuts, wider sidewalks, elevators, ramps and other improvements that would make our city accessible.Judy died in 2016. I wonder what she would say, seeing her work undone as e-scooters invade pedestrian rights of ways and render wheelchair ramps impassable.Thanks to Judy, access groups and the federal mandates of the Americans for Disabilities Act, San Antonio had finally begun to pave a way for persons with wheelchairs, walkers and canes to move around. Now, we are undoing all that was gained in order to let careless folks play with their toys while scooter companies bank big profits!Scooters litter the sidewalks everywhere. We especially see them blocking passage in older areas with very narrow sidewalks and cluttering intersections in areas heavily traveled by people in wheelchairs. Picture getting off a VIA wheelchair ramp, bound for the drugstore across the street, only to find you can’t get there because a mess of scooters won’t allow you to cross the road.The city opened the door for these pests with no forethought for pedestrians, senior citizens and people with disabilities. There is no mandate for docking stations, few rules and poor enforcement.Now, the city is considering permitting even more of these toys to take over the sidewalks. Judy Babbitt would be furious! We should all be!Linda Wilson