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LPD officer lauded for offering pizza to man rooting through trash downtown

August 23, 2016 GMT

Laredo police are lauding the actions of one of their own for looking after an indigent man.

On Friday, Officer Duncan Jalomo, a nine-year veteran patrolman, and other officers responded to a call from a business owner in downtown Laredo.

The owner was complaining about an indigent man who had emptied out a trash can on the sidewalk.

The man told police he was looking for food and that he would put back the trash once he was done.

Jalomo then went to his unit, took out a box with some slices of pizza and handed it over to the homeless man.

“This case is a true representation of the kind of officers that (we) have at Laredo PD,” reads a post on LPD’s Facebook page. “These types of cases happen more often than anyone thinks and never gets any sort of attention. We laud our officer for his act of humanity and compassion. Officer Duncan Jalomo you bring honor to the uniform.”

The Facebook user who captured this moment was identified as Jorge Uresti.

“I publish this because it’s good to share the good acts of people, not just the bad ones,” Uresti wrote in his post.