Reducing gun violence should be the goal

November 28, 2018 GMT

“The city of Chicago and the state of California have some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the country yet have the highest rates of gun violence,” according to Dr. Lovick Thomas (“Knee-jerk reactions to gun violence don’t work,” Letters to the Editor, Nov. 18).

California ranked No. 43 out of 50 states in gun death rates in 2016, according to an article in USA Today. And Chicago doesn’t even make the list of top 10 cities for gun death rates, so it seems that the doctor is misinformed. As to the connection between gun violence and gun control, a recent article on fortune.com found, “States with more gun provisions consistently see fewer gun deaths.” Others have found the same correlation, both in the U.S. and other countries.


Dr. Thomas suggests legislation should be passed only after scientific data support it. Unfortunately, federally funded research on gun violence is prohibited by a law passed by Congress after lobbying by the National Rifle Association.

Bill Becher

Santa Fe

Proud patriot

In today’s troublesome times, we often forget to recognize our heroes. Our family knows that our son and grandson, Tyler Lopez, deserves recognition for the great person he is. Tyler is a graduate of Santa Fe High School and volunteered to join the military of our great country. Tyler graduated from the U.S. Army training program in Fort Benning, Ga. He was sent to Alaska until further assignment. It is not a surprise that Tyler chose to join the military, for he always has been an independent and responsible young man.

Olivia M. Suazo

Santa Fe

Jimmy Lopez


Declined tribute

So Donald Trump declined to pay tribute to the fallen American soldiers who died in France during World War I on the event of the centennial. I guess his bone spurs were acting up again.

Rob Vadurro

Santa Fe

Making America great

MAGA — a concept whose companions include the Third Reich, George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and Stalin.

MAGA — the code for true believers to know that it is time to let loose the dogs of hate in this country.

MAGA — spouting vitriol, hatred and scorn upon the disabled, progressives — hurricane victims one day, and the next, pretending to express grief for those victims just vilified.

MAGA — a president who has done more to divide and promote hate than any in history.

MAGA — deplorables or well-educated Trump followers.

Brian O’Keefe


Santa Fe

Asking for letters

I am a fifth-grade student at Rains Intermediate School in Emory, Texas. We have studied about Christopher Columbus and would like to learn more about America. I am asking you to send letters and postcards so I can learn more about Santa Fe and New Mexico. Thank you in advance as we look forward to learning more about our country.

Please send correspondence to: Anai, c/o Rains Intermediate School, P.O. Box 247, Emory, Texas 75440.


fifth-grade student

Emory, Texas

Mutual respect key

Yes, cycling is great exercise and doesn’t contribute to emissions (“Move over and make room for bicyclists,” Our View, Nov. 20). People who are elderly or with medical issues are unable to join that club. If cars and bikes must abide by the same road rules, I’d like to see cyclists display the use of hand signals when turning and be aware of not darting through lanes just because they can on a two-wheeled ride. Mutual respect is key to keeping all parties safe on the roads.

Patricia Gonzales

Santa Fe