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Electing A Clown Lead To Chaos

January 20, 2019 GMT

Editor: Elect a clown and watch the circus. That’s certainly the case with President Trump. Only two years in office and some 17 investigations pending. Corrupt department heads. Chaos in the White House. Called a moron and idiot by his own people. Numerous indictments and guilty pleas by advisers. Trump said he would drain the swamp and that’s one of his campaign promises that he didn’t fulfill. He added to the stench by placing lobbyists to run departments. A pathological liar, Trump no doubt will go down as one of the worst presidents in the history of our great country. Thank God America elected a Democratic House of Representatives. The party is over for Trump and his cronies. The Democratic-controlled House should investigate the Helsinki summit and find out what Trump agreed to with Putin. Trump never told the American people what they talked about and what was agreed to. For some reason or other, he seems beholden to the Russian leader. The Russians may have something on him. And we still have Mueller’s report to come on obstruction of justice and collusion. We know Russia played a part in getting him elected president. John Zimich WILKES-BARRE