From Trump to Ailes’s death, hard times for GOP

May 19, 2017 GMT

It’s been a tough week to be a Republican.

Donald Trump continued to stumble his way through the travails of his presidency — tweeting a threat to his recently fired FBI director, having a Michael Flynn-investigation memo leaked of him urging James Comey to ‘let this go’, and the embarrassing screaming match overheard in the White House amongst exhausted communications staffers whose job it was to explain this madness to an increasingly bewildered public.

And then Roger Ailes, the architect of Republican-Talking-Points-As News dies. Even though the founder and former Chairman and CEO of FOX News had left the network in July under a dark cloud of sexual harassment complaints and an obnoxious $40 million severance package, the loss of the right-wing media visionary has to hurt viewers and followers who subscribed to his brand of news.

Ailes, who served as Richard Nixon’s media advisor, built a career that — according to his Associated Press obituary — “would draw on various blends of showmanship, ruthless politics and an unmatched skill for recognizing TV’s raw communication power before his opponents did, and harnessing it better.”

What he really did was make a whole news network a welcoming place for thinly veiled racism, for around-the-clock berating of President Barack Obama and for its fawning coverage of Donald Trump, the worst president in U.S. history.

Major mainstream print outlets, however, have used this week for a come-back. The New York Times and Washington Post have been literally out-doing each other with breaking news bomb shells.

The Post: “Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador”

The Times: “Comey Memo Says Trump Asked Him to End Flynn Investigation”

And The New York Daily News, in fine tabloid fashion, featured this headline: “Trump is ‘leaker of the free world’”

I wonder if Republicans — those who voted for Trump and those who have remained silent as the nation’s reputation tanks in the eyes of the world — are finally starting to ask, what now?

I admittedly, have voted Republican only on a few occasions, but I in the past, had at least understood the party’s smaller-government, conservative values stance. Now its stance is a mess.

And no, the Democrats, our nation’s other major political party, isn’t much to talk about on the national level. But it hasn’t descended to “party over country” or gleefully posing for a group picture after House of Representative members voted for a bill that would end healthcare for 20 million people.

As the other news stations plodded on Wednesday night, dissecting the possible impact of this week’s troubling revelations on Trump, I flipped the television channel to FOX, to see it’s take on the day’s troubles. It was running a feature on Mexican immigrants.

Just another day of the same for Republican America.