Local Radio host Costigan dies at 77

January 4, 2018

BULLHEAD CITY — Local Radio host Frank Costigan was a lover of animals, a cancer survivor and an excellent parent, his daughter said Wednesday.

Costigan, who died Thursday at 77 at a Las Vegas hospital, had a show on KTOX AM 1340. He had been at KTOX for about 10 years, said Steve Rubin, station owner of Rubin Broadcasting.

Costigan’s daughter, Jolene Hugon said that he complained of severe shortness of breath Thursday evening at his Needles residence. Paramedics were called and took him to Colorado River Medical Center, and he was later flown to Las Vegas.

Hugon said that her father was “the epitome of what unconditional love is.”

She said that his last words to her were a reminder to feed birds and stray cats.

Hugon said that truth and justice were among Costigan’s passions, and that the radio show allowed him an avenue for pursuing them.

“He’s done Mohave County and the Tri-state area a real service by being available,” she said. “He lived for his listeners.”

Though raised Catholic, and a continued believer in God, Hugon said, Costigan wasn’t rigid about religious dogma, and encouraged others to follow their own paths.

Hugon said that Costigan would send her daily inspirational messages.

“He wanted me to know what unconditional love was, and that I was worth it,” she said.

The messages gathered Costigan a legion of local fans, Hugon said.

Hugon described her father as a “Facebook junkie,” upon whom a lot of people depended on for good advice.

Costigan also ran a local news Facebook page.

Hugon said her father beat cancer through experimental treatments and later was bitten by a brown recluse spider, resulting in a lengthy hospital stay.

Costigan was born Nov. 15, 1940. After serving in the Navy, he became a police officer and firefighter in Southern California; he eventually became chief of police at Los Angeles International Airport.

Hugon said he approached police work with a fair, neutral and kind-hearted attitude.

After moving to the Tri-state, Costigan took to the airwaves, hosting a talk show with Dave Hayes. Hayes passed away in February.

On the morning and later afternoon shows, Rubin said, Costigan would discuss issues of local controversy.

“He really cared about the area,” Rubin said. “He always was on the side of the issue that may have been the right side but it was not the popular side. That made him a few enemies, I’m sure.”

Costigan was an opponent of the Bullhead City River Regatta and a vocal critic of Mayor Jack Hakim.

Costigan was also a plaintiff in a court case to put the repeal of a Mohave County kennel ordinance before voters. The ordinance repeal was successful.

“He just loved having an opportunity to spread the truth,” Hugon said. “That’s a controversial thing the society we’re in today.”

The radio station planned an on-air memorial for this week.

Rubin said that Costigan was a great person to listen to.

“He always had a story about something that was either sad or hilarious,” Rubin said. “He had the best stories.”

Besides Hugon, Costigan is survived by sons Chris and Chad Costigan.