Nebraska trick-or-treater finds nail in candy bar

November 3, 2018 GMT

A Scottsbluff woman is sounding the alarm after her family found a nail in a piece of candy after trick-or-treating Wednesday.

Tonja McNeal told the Star-Herald that the family trick-or-treats in the same area of Scottsbluff — a six-block area around Western Nebraska Community College — every year. McNeal and her husband always check candy, laying it out on the kitchen table.

“We had cleared them (the kids) to have a piece of candy when my oldest went to bite into a piece of Snickers candy, and he found a nail,” McNeal said.

The woman said the nail was sticking out the top, and fortunately, the child had not bitten into the candy.

McNeal said she contacted police immediately, and on Thursday, she shared a Facebook post advising parents to check their children’s candy.

“I just put it out there because I want people to be aware to check their kids’ candy,” she said.

Scottsbluff Police Capt. Tony Straub said that the incident is under investigation, but that details weren’t available on Thursday.

He advised parents to “Always check your children’s candy. Make sure that anything that looks abnormal is not consumed.”

If the nail was placed into the candy intentionally, McNeal said, the words she would have for a person who did such an act “are not very good things and not something you can put into the paper. ... No kid should be hurt like that.”

Though McNeal said she had seen rumors of other incidents in the area, Straub advised that McNeal’s report was the only report of suspicious candy as of Thursday.

Anyone with additional reports or with information can contact Scottsbluff Police, 308-620-6271.