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NYMHM: Men Are Spending More $$$ Than Women To Look Good

November 15, 2016 GMT

Every month young men are splashing hundreds of dollars on items such as these in an expensive effort to look their best.

And new research has revealed that not only are men willing to fork out to look good, but they are spending more on beauty than the fairer sex.

A new nationwide survey by Suncorp Insurance has found that men in their 20s are spending more on clothes, shoes and personal care than their female counterparts.

The survey of 1,000 found that males in their 20s will splash an average of $493 every month to look good, compared with females, who spend an average of $390 a month.

‘Men are much more into fashion these days,’ social researcher Mark McCrindle told the Adelaide Advertiser.

‘And when it comes to appearances it is not just aftershave any more, it is all sorts of cosmetics, from moisturizer and hair product to perfumes.’

-Daily Mail