Politics are all over news, social media

October 29, 2018 GMT

Today it seems that many adolescents are not interested in politics and some current events. This is interesting because today teenagers are constantly on their phones and socializing.

A large amount of politics appears on the news, in Twitter feeds, and all over social media, so it is surprising that teenagers do not pay more attention to the subject.

Teenagers usually find politics as stressful and something that adults talk about. A hypothesis to why adolescents feel this way is because of their interest in political concerns. That’s because many of the topics and issues that politicians and government officials address are of no importance to adolescents.

In many teenagers’ minds, politicians concern themselves with adult issues. From their perspective, this could include topics like taxes, safety and many other topics that involve adult life.

Teenagers are not at the stage of life where they believe it is necessary to concern themselves with these topics. But it is important that adolescents do concern themselves with the political world today because it greatly affects their world.

In many elections, candidates show us their plans for the future. And, as the cliché goes, “young people are the future.” Adolescents should concern themselves a bit more so they are more prepared for understanding politics in their adult life.

This way, it is easier to concern themselves with their needs as a citizen.