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Google employees across the globe walk out to protest sexual harassment policies

December 5, 2018

Google employees in several countries are planning to walk out Thursday to protest the company treatment of ousted senior executives accused of sexual assault.

The group, Google Walkout for Real Change, scheduled the walk out to begin in the early afternoon around the world.

The protest kicked off in Singapore and involved employees in cities as far as Zurich, Tokyo and Berlin. The group said on Twitter that more than 40 offices would participate in the walkout.

They have five demands to address the company’s sexual assault policies, including that Google release a sexual harassment “transparency report.”

We, Google employees and contractors, will walkout on November 1 at 11:10am to demand these five real changes. #googlewalkout pic.twitter.com/amgTxK3IYw Google Walkout For Real Change (@GoogleWalkout) November 1, 2018

BuzzFeed News first reported on the walkout on Monday and obtained an email from CEO Sundar Pichai that supported the protest.

The protest is in response to a New York Times report from Oct. 25 that Google paid Andy Rubin $90 million after he left the company in 2014 amid covered-up sexual misconduct allegations.

The Times reported that at least two other senior executives accused of sexual misconduct were shielded by Google, and at least one other was given a sizable monetary package.

Mr. Pichai denied that the company provided any exit packages to the employees, according to BuzzFeed News.