Author Kimberly Jones writing a book based on popular video

NEW YORK (AP) — Kimberly Jones, the author and activist whose “How Can We Win?” video following the murder of George Floyd was shared online by Lebron James and Trevor Noah among others, has a deal for two books.

Henry Holt and Company announced Thursday that for the first book Jones will expand upon the 3-minute video, in which she likened the economic history of Blacks in the United States to a rigged game of monopoly. The book edition of “How Can We Win?” is scheduled for next spring.

“Through personal experience and observations she will illuminate the causes of economic disparities Black Americans have faced for generations and offer possible solutions to combat them,” the publisher announced.

Jones’ previous books include the young adult novel “I’m Not Dying With You Tonight,” co-authored by Gilly Segal. Details of her second book with Henry Holt have not been determined.